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Why Choose a Photochromic Lens?

You’re about to go skiing… it’s cloudy but the forecast says it'll be sunny. What goggles do you pick? How many lenses do you take? One, two, three… What if you didn't need to think about how many lenses to bring? What if your lens reacted to the light conditions for you? How about taking one pair of goggles and one lens? It’s less trouble, lighter, and allows you to focus on your activities.

And what if the optical quality was better than your interchangeable lenses? Julbo's photochromic lenses allow you to have perfect vision all day in all conditions—fog, sun, snow. Take a look at out photochromic lens offerings below.

Why Choose a Photochromic Lens?

We've gathered feedback over the years, from our team of top athletes living daily in the mountains, we understood what's convenient and what is not. The ever-so-fast changing climatic conditions in the mountains demand a great capacity of adaptability.
Some manufacturers offer the possibility to replace lens according to the weather conditions. It remains complicated and tiresome. Imagine you are at the top of mountain, it’s windy and cold, you are wearing gloves and you need to change to a lighter lens because the clouds came's laborious
For a few years now we have chosen photochromic lenses to make outdoor enthusiasts lives easier.


Julbo photochromic lenses the following:

  • The largest transition ranges on the market to battle all weather conditions.
  • Reacts to lighting conditions very fast, 20 seconds to darken.
  • A lifetime warranty for all our lenses, they will never stop reacting to light.
  • The highest protection for extreme conditions.
  • The clearest lens for bad weather days, dawn and dusk.
  • The best adaptation to light changes even the most subtles.
  • Supurb optical quality.
  • Reacts against the presence of UV and will protect you at a 100% against them!

Our goal is to allow you to see in all conditions, your eyes will be comfortable 100% of the time due to our fast, reactive photochromic lenses.




 Zebra_julbo  Zebra_Light_Fire_Julbo

From the shadow to the light

All weather, all conditions

> Photochromic (category 2 to 4)
> Gold tint: lightness and protection

> Great versatility


> Photochromic (category 1 to 3)
> Yellow tint: better lightness

 > As efficient during, night, bad weather and during the sunny days.

 Cameleon_Julbo            Snowtiger_Julbo

An extreme to another

Great vision comfort

> Photochromic (category 2 to 4)
> Polarized: delete all bad reflection and helps to see better the details
> Brown tint: protection and enhancement of the contrasts

> High altitude protection clear vision on north faces and maximum protection on sun-exposed faces.

> Photochromic (category 2 to 3)
> "Glare Control" filter to see all details (he who does not see, ends up in the tree)
> Orange tint: improvement of contrasts

 > Exceptional vision support even during whiteout days.


Do not forget about our new Zebra Light RED lens, from category 1 to 3. The red tint help to bring more details and therefore the reading of the landscape. It’s efficient in the cloudy days as in the bright sunny days. “One Lens Is All You Need” as we say at Julbo!



Four lens families, four ranges of photochromic:


The % on the horizontal axis is the VLT (visible light transmission). The higher the number is the more light goes through. The lower is the number the lesser light goes through.



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