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Women's goggles with great style!

Women's goggles with great style!

With the new women's goggles, the Elara and the Equinox, Julbo has created goggles for women who want the best of technology and want to maximize their style both on and off the slopes. This goggles offers the best comfort with dual soft foam and a silicone strap.


The only difference between the Equinox and the Elara are the lenses. The Equinox is available with our category 3 (VLT 13%), and polarized (VLT 12%) Spectron lenses while the Elara is available with our technical photochromic lenses.


Should you choose the Elara or the Equinox? 

 Equinox Blue - Mirror Spectron double lens cat 3

It depends on your needs when you are skiing and your budget. The Elara ranges from $180 to $190 depending on your photochromic lens choice while the Equinox ranges from $100 to $110 depending on your lens choice.


The First class Elara goggle is available with all our photochromic technical screens; Camel, Snowtiger, Zebra, Zebra light and even the new Zebra light red. These lenses transition for you from dark to light or from light to dark and provide clear vision and sun's UV rays protection. With the Elara goggle you will need a single goggle whatever the weather. 

 Elara Black - Zebra

            The Equinox utilizes the best of our spectron lenses and will protect you from the sun's UV rays. This goggle is perfect in more sunny regions and for skiers who don't have any issue with cloud cover while skiing.


Go for the Equinox, if you are on a budget and ski on sunny days but don't forget that for only $80 more you can get photochromic lenses and you won't need to bring extra lenses when lighting conditions change.


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