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Aaron Rice

/ Skiing mountaineering


Come last spring I was at a turning point in my life. I needed to have a direction. No more skiing all winter and piecing together the summers to make the next winter work. Grad school? Real job again? or, somewhere in the back of my head was this crazy little idea beginning to form... 2.5 million vertical feet? After a month in the desert SW and a road trip from Utah to Vermont I decided this was what was happening. I would work and train all summer and fall and come 2016 I would set out on a yearlong adventure to ski the most ever human powered vertical feet in a calendar year. I am almost 2 months in now and things are going great, and mostly according to plan. I broke my hand early February but have only lost a few days out of the whole ordeal. I skied half a million feet in the first 52 days, just a couple days behind my ambitious schedule, but still plenty to be on track. My body feels good, tired, but good. I am getting better at weaving in “rest” days into my schedule, but it’s a hard thing to do. My nutrition is getting better and my recovery and stretching are getting easier. Though I don’t think I will every really enjoy stretch. Balancing everything non-skiing has been one of the more difficult parts. Socializing, is barely a thing, I haven’t had a beer in almost 3 month and that’s mostly just because I haven’t had time. The skiing has been amazing so far this year though and all the difficulties are easily made up for by skiing powder or an amazing alpine couloir. Though I know there will be more challenges I cannot wait for the next 10 months of skiing in Utah, Colorado, California, and Patagonia.