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Mike Foote

/ Trail running


Mike Foote prefers to run and ski much more than any other form of travel in the mountains. Especially walking. He hates to walk. While playing baseball in Ohio for the first 18 yrs of his life may not have given Mike the skill sets required for a life filled with adventure in rugged and wild places he has somehow survived over a decades worth of harebrained ideas and poorly planned exploits in far flung regions of the world. A former long time Yurt Dweller, Mike now lives in a home with plumbing and heating. He feels himself becoming more soft and domesticated each and every day.

2010- 3rd Hardrock 100
2012- 1st Bighorn 100 (CR)
2012- 3rd UTMB
2014- 2nd Lavaredo Ultra Trail
2015- 2nd Hardrock 100
2015- Crown Traverse