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4 pairs of sunglasses for a smart sports look

To roam in style, we have created Latitude, an urban collection with the horizon for its destination. Bergen, Wellington, Kobe and Carmel: ideal holiday sunglasses with polarized lenses.

4 pairs of sunglasses for a smart sports look

The sun and warmth are starting to arrive, and the days are getting longer. In other words, summer's on the horizon and everyone's looking for new ones.

Through four places with very different atmospheres and histories, whether you're more city, mountain or sea, Simon Fourcade invites you to head out for adventure.

Sunglasses with a smart sports look and polarized lenses to prevent glare from light bouncing off reflective surfaces: perfect to see the little fish as you stroll along the water's edge!

Check out our models:









Are you more Bergen, Carmel, Kobe or Wellington?

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Stef,le 03 May 2016

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