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Breeze, Aero, Race2.0 : new Julbo sunglasses collection 2016

We unveil a part of our 2016 sunglasses collection. The Breeze : a model dedicated to women runners and moutain bikers. With Aero, we created a streamlined frame dedicated to performance. And also in the catalog, the Race 2.0 a new version of Race available as Speed for mountain biking and trail running, and Nautic for sailing fans.

Breeze, Aero, Race2.0 : new Julbo sunglasses collection 2016


Perfectly adapted to the shape of women’s faces, Breeze are designed for female fans of the great outdoors.

With excellent coverage, fantastic field of vision and perfect ventilation, they provide unrivalled comfort for eating up the miles. Comfort levels are further enhanced with adjustable temples which offer incredible grip for every face.

Fitted with Zebra photochromic lenses, they offer optimum vision, regardless of light levels. In other words, glasses that won’t compromise when it comes to technology and style.


Designed for fans of intense effort, such as vertical kilometre racing, these glasses are uncompromising when it comes to performance and comfort.

The photochromic lens guarantees a wide, obstacle-free field of vision, regardless of light levels. The suspended construction adds outstanding ventilation by encouraging air to pass between the lens and the frame.

Last but not least, the Air Link concept and its shock absorber insert at the end of the temples offers even better grip and lightness.

La RACE 2.0

Speed collection

An outdoor benchmark and Julbo best-seller for many years, Race is evolving to give even better performance and comfort.

It now has deeper lenses to improve field of vision and side-vented lenses to prevent fogging. Curved temples and a 3D Fit Nose ensure good grip on any facial shape.

A safe bet for doing everything to the max.

La RACE 2.0

Nautic collection

Julbo produces high-performance nautical sunglasses for experienced sailors.

The rounded, panoramic shape offers extra-wide vision all the way to the horizon. Vented lenses guarantee elimination of fogging. The 3D Fit Nose and Grip Tech temples mean they’ll stay in place even when the going gets rough.

And with their floating cord, they’ll be easy to fish out if you make a wrong move.

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miroirdesports,le 07 March 2016
Excellents produits que je porte en vélo ou au ski

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