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Célia Aymnoier from nordic to biathlon

A new face for biathlon team, Célia started her competitions in nordic skiing and switched to biathlon in 2015.

Born in the Jura mountains, our roads had to meet.

Célia Aymnoier from nordic to biathlon

Célia Aymonier - 25 years (FRA)

Weight : 56kg

Size : 1.62m


Born in Pontarlier (France), Célia Aymonier started very early to compete in nordic skiing. At the age of 5 she won her first races. During winter 2005-2006 she was first selected with the French national team. In the junior category she won the OPA (a sort of european nordic skiing competiton), she won it again in the senior category in 2012. Those results openned the doors to the XC skiing World Cup. 
Selected for Olympics in Sochi she signed a 4th place in 4*5km relay with the french team. 

In 2015 Célia turns to biathlon. She gains the points to race in IBU circuit. Her first world cup is in Austria, and she participated to Olso world championship in march 2016. 

She is still young and has proven a great progression over time and she will complete the female Julbo squad aside Marie Dorin Habert and Anaïs Chevalier.   

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