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Children's eyes are not something that should be played around with.

During summer UV (ultra violet) are more intense than ever, beware to correctly protect your children's eyes.

Children's eyes are not something that should be played around with.


Children are constantly on the go. Because they spend a lot of time outdoors, playing and running around, they are naturally more exposed to the sun's rays. For many years Julbo has been developing sunglasses especially for children. They need a different type of protection from adults, and also, of course, different shaped frames.



Small, delicate eyes

Children's eyes, unlike those of their parents, are not naturally protected from the sun. Before the age of one, a child's crystalline lens is transparent. This means it allows 90% of UVA and 50% of UVB rays to pass through it and reach the retina. From the age of 25, however, UV rays are absorbed in part by the lens and the cornea. What's more, babies have not yet developed the full ability to blink, nor the natural reflex to squint to protect themselves from bright lights. Damage sustained during childhood accumulates and can cause diseases in adulthood.




What are the long-term risks of sun damage?

Overexposure to the sun can cause burns, premature ageing and other eye diseases such as keratitis – inflammation of the cornea – and early cataracts, which develop when the cornea and the lens deteriorate. With time, there's a greater risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Julbo is a pioneer in sun protection for children's eyes. We are deeply committed to working with opticians and health professionals to raise awareness about this issue and offer the best possible products to protect children's eyes.
But sunglasses can only protect children if they are worn! This fact aside, when it comes to glasses, children have different requirements from adults; they move around more and are more likely to bump into things. They also have different face shapes (for example, babies and toddlers have flatter noses). These needs change as the children grow.

Frames need to be:

  • Large enough to block light coming in from all sides
  • Available in different sizes so that they fit different faces
  • Adapted for smaller noses

Discover our solutions


Lenses need to filter 100% of UV rays and meet EN1836 standards and sun exposure indicators.


Our lenses

Our kids sunglasses are available with Spectron 4 et Spectron 3.


Our frames

Reversible frames for babies; no hinges (0 - 4 years)

Julbo lunettes soleil enfants looping 1 Julbo lunettes soleil enfants looping 2 Julbo lunettes soleil enfants looping 3 Julbo lunettes soleil enfants loop
> Discover the Looping 1 > Discover the Looping 2 > Discover the Looping 3 > Discover the Loop


For little ones that are not so little (3-6 years)

Julbo lunettes soleil enfants puzzle Julbo lunettes soleil enfants lily Julbo lunettes soleil enfants lucky
> Discover the Puzzle > Discover the Lily > Discover the Luky


For older children. (5 - 12 year)

Julbo lunettes soleil enfants turn Julbo lunettes soleil enfants reach Julbo lunettes soleil enfants rookie
> Discover the Turn > Discover the Reach > Discover the Rookie




Julbo kids sunglasses loop

Julbo Kids sunglasses Lucky

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Mª. Soledad Cano Blasco,le 10 August 2017
Necesito saber dónde encontrar algún distribuidor que cuente con variedad de modelos en gafas de sol para niños de hasta 4 años, es decir, por ejemplo modelos loop y looping 2, que son los que más me interesan.

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