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Enduro Jura by Julbo 2017 - A ride to remember

Motivated by the two first successful edition’s, François Bailly-Maître and his team put together another epic MTB enduro event. With nine stages, five of which were new, over two days of racing, the 110 riders were spoiled with perfect weather, and everybody agrees that the event met all expectations.

The 2016-mud-apocalypse conditions are long forgotten, because, in the Jura mountains, the sun strikes as hard as the rain pours. And this year the sun was out shining brighter than ever.

Enduro Jura by Julbo 2017 - A ride to remember


Friday june 9th

Starting in Lamoura, a small mountain village where the riders met, late in the afternoon for a small social gathering. It would be their HQ for the weekend. As a welcome to the riders, all the event partners prepared many gifts, Julbo gave a pair of Cortina, “La Trubine” offered a bottle of fine local brewed beer and Slicy delivered a mud guard but fortunately they were unnecessary –let’s not complain about that.

Some riders were already dusty when they came to collect their plate, indeed on Friday they were allowed to ride and preview two stages. The dust was all they were talking about. Dust. In the Jura Mountains. What a surprise! War mud did not happen.

The recipe was not missing any ingredient to make the 2017 Enduro Jura by Julbo a ride to remember.  


Enduro Jura by Julbo

Briefing under the bright sun. It can be nothing but a good day ahead.


Saturday june 10th


77km and 5800m of descent, that’s what awaited the riders for the weekend.

After a morning meeting, everybody took the first transfer and joined at the stage 1 start “les grottes”, which was quite short but a physical way to warm up the riders. It was also a warning, Enduro Jura might be a friendly event, but it’s also a high-level competition. After the first four stages, the food station was a warm welcome to the riders. It was placed right above a river where the riders could refresh and reset before going back to the battlefield. Saturday afternoon’s stages were brand new, completely blind racing which we don’t encounter anymore on EWS.
At the end of stage 6, last stage of the day, the faces were tired but the high-fives were given by all.

Back at the HQ via shuttles and after a good shower,  everybody gathered for the evening party. Slicy threw a dual-slalom-on-kids-bikes competition. Jérôme Clementz and Mason Bond proved everybody that the wheel size does not matter and even with a 16 inch bike you can go fast!


Enduro Jura by Julbo

Mason Bond, who came all the way from USA, did enjoy every signle second of the weekend.


During dinner Jérémie Reuiller, Pierre Henni and Benjamin Becker showed their best pictures and a few clips of the day. It was highly inspiring for the riders to give everything on Sunday. Jérôme Clementz had something to worried about with Rémy Absalon breathing down his neck with only 1 sec behind him after 25 minutes of racing!


Enduro Jura by Julbo

A little surprise at the end of stage 6 awaited the riders. They went through a tunnel under a railroad. From light to shadow to light again!


Enduro Jura by Julbo

Go big or go home.


Sunday june 12th


Three long stages were the program for the day. It all started at the top of Septmoncel Cliffs, it was quite spectacular. The weather was amazing and hotter than Saturday, and at the end of stage 9 the organizers collected the rider’s times in order make a new start list in pursuit mode for the final stage of the day. This concept is highly competitive. If you catch the rider in front of you it means you gain one spot in the overall.


Enduro Jura by Julbo

The canandian Antoine Caron was not here on holidays, he meant business with a 5th overall.


In the end Jérôme Clementz (FR) was 27 second in front of Rémy Absalon (FR) who did not manage to catch Jey. Florian Golay (CH) completed the podium rounding out 3rd place.  
For the ladies, the twins sister Gehrig (CH) showed their skills. Anita won in front of Carolin and Déborah Motsch (FR), who who took third just a few second shy after over 60 minutes of racing.
For the Masters, Florian Golay (CH) took the lead with authority with Marc-Olivier Ryter (CH) and McLagan Joel (UK) taking respectively second and tird.

The round of applause after the podium and the blissful faces confirmed that Enduro Jura is exactly what we expect from MTB : intense, authentic and friendly.


Enduro Jura by Julbo

This year the river was not for the purpose of washing the mud away from your bike, but to refresh the riders and to take of the dust. Welcome home.

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