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Estelle Balet has left us

Estelle made the mountains of the Valais her playground, and it was here she established her reputation. On an April morning, her line was wiped away.

Estelle Balet has left us

She was born at the foot of ski slopes in the winter of 1994. Before long she was on skis at the Vercorin club where she took part in her first competitions. It was at the age of 11 that she decided to take up snowboarding. From that moment, one thing very quickly led to another in her career: she joined the Junior Freeride Tour in 2010, then the Freeride World Tour Qualifier in 2012, which she won in 2013. At the age of 19, in her first year with the "grown-ups", she finished second in the overall standings. She topped them in 2015 and then doubled her winnings in 2016, dominating at the Xtreme Verbier in her own backyard.

With inexhaustible energy and a communicative smile, in Géraldine Fasnacht she found a big sister who passed on a host of advice garnered through her experience as an elite athlete.

Our paths crossed thanks to Géraldine, already five years ago now. We loved her youth, her freshness and her incredible desire to go one step better, and great projects awaited us this winter.

And the star Estelle has left a trail across the skies...

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