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Friday Vision #3

This week selection will take you from Madagascar to the Fjords, to a giant freezer and to Annecy.

Friday Vision #3

Théo de Blic in Madagascar paragliding

Théo and his friends took the locals for flight afterwards.

Skyfjord - Finnmark

Julbo athletes Vivian Bruchez and Cédric Pugin with Jérémy Janody wen tto discover the Fjords. A fish, some kayaks, a few steep slopes...

Quentin Fillon-Maillet & team-mates in Oberhof

Oberhof (Germany) is well know for its XC skiing facility, indoors. Quentin calls it a giant freezer. See by yourself.


AlpsMan triathlon in Annecy

A triathlon that starts in the lake of Annecy at 4 a.m in october ? There are some people on board for that ! :)

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