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Friday Vision #7

This week was about women at Julbo. So enjoy these videos of rad outdoor women.

Friday Vision #7

Géraldine Fasnacht - 4634 Perception - The Mountain Within

New movie for Géraldine Fasnacht, here is the teaser ! We can't wait to see the full movie !

Traîne Ta Grolle - Les Pyrénées

The feminine french backcountry crew is heading to the south of France.


Ines Papert - first climb of Likhu Chuli in Nepal

Ines Papert, german julbo athlete allemande, was the first person to climb Liku Chuli in Népal that peaks at 6750m. Weather forecast might not have been the best all along! 

Alizée Baron - MTB session in Orcières

Known in the skicross world cup circuit for her bright results, Alizée Baron is also gifted on her mountain bike.

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