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How to choose your photochromic lense?

Do you find yourself carrying several lenses when the weather might change? Not us!

How to choose your photochromic lense?

At Julbo, a skier is made for riding, not for changing lenses all the time. This is why photochromic technology has been our choice for a long time.

Already recognized as the best in the market by independent laboratories, our technology goes even further with a new generation of exclusive pigments that offer a record of stability and reactivity.

So, instead of wasting your time changing lenses, why not change to Julbo?


Julbo photochromic technology means:

- The widest range of protection to deal with any situation.
- The greatest protection for extreme conditions.
- The lightest lens for coping with bad weather.
- Excellent optical quality.
- A lifetime coating guarantee, thanks to the materials used.

…and more
- Improved reactivity for adapting to changes in light.
- Reduced dependence to temperature changes.


A solution for every situation

To meet the needs of all users as closely as possible, we offer a wide variety of photochromic and/or polarizing lenses for perfect adaptation to the specific light and terrain conditions of each sport.

Our expertise:

Using our expertise validated by experience in the field, we have developed a range of technical lenses superbly adapted to the needs of each type of user, regardless of the conditions encountered. With photochromic technology, polarization and tints, these lenses have demonstrated their excellence both on the slopes and in the lab.

With Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon and the new Snow Tiger, everyone can benefit from the very best technology and the greatest comfort when practising their sport.

Zebra: from shade to light


> Photochromic category 2 to 4
> Activation speed: changes from category 2 to 4 in 22 seconds
> Gold tint: excellent light receptivity and protection


Zebra Light: all weathers, all conditions


> Photochromic category 1 to 3
> Wide range of use
> Yellow tint: increased light receptivity

Zebra Light

Cameleon : from one extreme to the other


> Photochromic category 2 to 4
> Polarized: eliminates glare for better reading of relief
> Brown tint: protection and contrast enhancement


Snow Tiger : excellent visual comfort


> Photochromic category 2 to 3
> Glare Control filter
> Orange tint: improved contrast
> Fire multilayer coating

Snow Tiger


Check our goggle!

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