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Julbo full of podium with Martin Fourcade, Quentin Fillon-Maillet and Ilkka Herola

Good results in nordic skiing for Julbo’s athletes this weekend on the scandinavians lands : 2 victories for Martin Fourcade, 1 3rd place for Quentin Fillon-Maillet in biathlon in Ostersund and 1 3rd place in Lillehamer in nordic combined for the finnish Ilkka Herola.

Julbo full of podium with Martin Fourcade, Quentin Fillon-Maillet and Ilkka Herola

Martin Fourcade showed the right way Saturday morning in sprint race. In a competition that wind in the range played a major role, he smashed everyone on the field to win with a large gap, 51 second fastest than the 2nd. Quentin Fillon Maillet claimed the 4th place with a short margin from the podium!


In Lillehammer (Norway) was contested the nordic combined races. The Finnish Ilkka Herola stood on a world cup podium for the first time in his young career. Started 12th, he caught up his contestant to stand on the podium at the 3rd rank.

Julbo is proud joinned ski jumping and nordic combined finnish teams until 2018.


Podium of the day in nordic combined Akito Watabe (2nd), Fabian Riessle(1st) and Ilkka Herola (3rd)

Sunday, was also a good day for the Julbo’s athletes. Finghting amazingly all the race for the 2nd place on the podium, Quentin Fillon Maillet lost the battle in the last shooting range stop. Last bullet out, Quentin catch anyway the 3rd rank and joined Martin Fourcade, one more time on the top of the box ! Despite 3 faults he flew on the track dinring the pursuit!


Marie Dorin on the track

Started 6th, 5 seconds behind the podium, Marie Dorin-Habert fighted valiantly on the track all the race but finshed with the chocolate-medal.


Quentin Fillon Maillet happy, crossing the line

We ask Quentin Fillon-Maillet few questions:

Quentin, are you satisfied of your race despite your last bullet out?

QF-M: "Before the last shoot I was with Arnd Peiffer, fighting for the 2nd place. I tried to attack my shoot to leave the shooting range with Peiffer but the last bullet were out.

I kept my 3rd place, I’m very satisfied ! This week I got 2 4th place and 1 podium is better than the last season!"


How was the weather condition in Oestersund ? Which lenses did you use?

QF-M: "I used Aero model, I like those sunglasses because the frames don’t move and my face feel well protected.

The individual race and sprint were contested in the end of afternoon, and in Sweden the night fall early. I used Zebra light lenses, good in any conditions !"


Congrats to all of them for their performance and the next to come!

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