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Julbo Sail session : a month before the film release

Contextualisation of the Julbo Sail SessionYohannes Wiebel and Franck Cammas rounded Cape Horn aboard a flying catamaran on 21 November, 2015. This was a world first marking the culmination of an extraordinary two-week adventure, by Yohannes, a 36-year-old German architect and outright winner of the Julbo Sail Session in the summer of 2015.

Julbo Sail session : a month before the film release

Sailing at these latitudes with wild winds, tempestuous seas and a hostile climate is never easy. But to do so flying a Nacra in such wild seas as those of the Southern Ocean is an incredible adventure! An adventure worthy of this extreme island, Isla de Hornos, battered by wind and waves. The Atlantic to the east, the Pacific to the west. And all around, wild landscapes like no other. Beauty, pure but hard.

Only 30 days before the film release!
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"The Julbo Sail Session has been an exceptional experience that I will never forget! Thank you to Julbo and to all the sponsors who have made it possible."

Yohannes Wiebel

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