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Julbo with the Bruson freeride 2016

On Saturday, 27th February, the Bruson freeride contest will take place in Bruson (Switzerland). Julbo is proud sponsor of the event since 2014.

Julbo with the Bruson freeride 2016

The freeride contest takes place in the ski resort of Bruson in the Verbier region. It brings together over 120 riders who compete to find the best line, style and fluidity on the faces of the ‘Six-Blanc ‘ and the ‘Pointe de Sésal’.

Each rider will be judged by the watchful eyes of our team of judges who in the past have included the julbo's athlete Géraldine Fasnacht.

2 runs are scheduled from 10am to 3pm: the first one on the Six Blanc peak(400m negative elevation) and de second one on the Pointe de Sesal (300m negative elevation).


After that meet at Yeti Party!



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