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Rodolphe Pasciuto - Life after Julbo Ride Session

In december 2013, Rodolphe won the Julbo Ride Session.

This journey marked a turning point in his life. Three years after we chatted to find out how.

Rodolphe Pasciuto - Life after Julbo Ride Session

Rodolphe Pasciuto - Meeting others

Rodolphe is a MTB-passionate that you can meet quite often in the forests. But his vision on this sport is different.

Everything starts in September 2013, a friend sends him a video about the Julbo Ride Session in Guatemala with Fabien Barel. He had nothing to lose, so he posted a video to apply. The phone rings “Hello, can you come in Roc d’Azur, you are drafted”. In the end he is the winner and gets to ride with Fabien Barel in Guatemala for 10 days.

“Everything happened so fast, I had the chance to do a life-time trip in Guatemala just before my birthday and Christmas! This trip has changed my vision on this sport. I understood that it was possible to bike for a living”.


julbo ride session


The now former architect and graphic designer, Rodophe didn’t wait long to decide to discover the world on a MTB and to become a professional rider. In May 2014 he launched his new life. The first destinations aren’t quite far: Slovenia for the vast forests, Corsica for the oh-so-technical singletracks and Morroco to climb a few submits.

We said it before, Rodolphe vision differs.

rodolphe pascuito julbo

“I want to meet the people, when I travel I only carry my bike and a 30L backpack, I don’t want to bother with many luggage, I choose the easiest way to make my wanderings authentic as possible. In the end the bike is my ride. Little by little I realized what matters the most to me is to meet the people, to “lose” myself voluntary to ride on the less taken paths. I never had a guide with me (but in Japan), I use a maps and the information I get by asking questions to the locals. With this philosophy in mind I don’t expect to find the most beautiful or technical trails; I except to fall into people (not literally though!!). In the end if I want beautiful technical long trails I stay in France. I don’t need to go on the other side of the world to find an epic route.”

Rodolphe Pascuito second season of biking-for-a-living sets new destinations in further places and marks the discovering of new cultures. Nepal, Iceland and Romania are the three targets.

“I loved Romania the people are so nice and I found some amazing trails the forests with a soft ground! In Nepal the landscapes amazed me, it’s a whole other scale, the culture is also so fascinating. I was there when the earthquake stroke in mid-april 2015. It was so hard to see this, I took it in my stride but it left a big mark. I will go back there; definitely. In Iceland the Nordic shapes of this island stunned me, it’s like no place else. I was there in “bivouac” mode to enjoy it as much as possible."

This year Rodolphe has been to Japan, Bolivia and … in the Drôme in France.

rodolphe pascuito julbo

 © Oqamy

The photos and videos we see after Rodolphe sessions don’t give full account on the difficulties he faces when he rides. Sometimes it happens that after thousands of meters climbing the trail down is not so worthy or goes in the wrong direction… you can never know what’s next.

“I can sit for 14h a day on my bike somedays, it’s quite physical and demanding to go on adventure like that. Even if I encounter the locals I have most of the time my hand on the bars”.

Bolivie - 2016


About mechanical issues regarding his MTB Rodolphe has been quite lucky, although he travels with the minimal survival kit (torque key, tube, cable for derailleur, derailleur hanger) he had a huge nail that puncture his tire, tube and rim in Nepal. But with duct tape and the help of the local he managed to go back. “With good hands and creativity and the help of the locals you find a way to fix things. Plus the locals are far better handymen than us, they are use to fix things.”

Self-help and fluke are the main words for this man. The will to let fate decide whether he goes right or left at a crossroad brought him to ‘”ride into” people.



Waiting now for new destinations, Rodolphe works full time on planning, projecting, his next moves. Beeing a MTB professional is also about spending a lot of time doing that.


Facebook / Rodolphe Pasciuto

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