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Sam Favret Backyards Project

For two years our Julbo Athlete Sam Favret has been working on his movie. We give you a few explanations on what is the "Backyards Project".

Sam Favret Backyards Project

Quick inteview with Sam before the film launch.

Julbo : Hello Sam, tell us about the project ? How long have you been thinking about that ?

Sam Favret : It's a project I've been wanting to do for many years. The idea of it evolved over time and even more on field during the making. I wanted to aim for bigger, to do better, to imagine new goals and reach them. 

This movie is a milestone in my career. It's, perhaps, a way to show the maturity my skiing has gain over the years and the diversity of my sport. 

All that said, winter are short, so I liked the idea to plan over two years. I wanted to take the necessary time to make the movie that reflect my vision of skiing and to unveil my principal playground : Chamonix. 

What is the idea of the movie ?  

SF : It's a movie about my journey and my evolution, from backcountry skiing to steepness to freeride. But above all it's about sharing a passion with friends, whatever the playground. 

We didn't had a precise storyline in mind, many ideas came from the field and my style evolves from a season to another. We captured essentially genuine and spontaneous moments.  

Sam in his backyard in Chamonix - © Jérémy Bernard 

Did everything happened according to the plans ? Tell us about ups and downs ? 

SF : We are dependant on weather forecast, so it is really hard to cope with. You can't predict future when you don't know how the winter will be. We are constantly running after fresh powder. We try to be as flexible and quick as possible to be a right place at the right time to have good snow and lighting conditions. 

First winter weather forecast make our task really hard. Conditons weren't ideal for filming in France and our priority was to film in Chamonix. The make the best ou of the worse we aheaded, in the end of the season, for any freerider dream destination : Alaska. 

It helped us to have a good foundation after one season, we therefore had a clearer sight on what we wanted to do after and how to do it.

Second winter has been kind on us, we reached all of our targets. The final descent on Frendo spur (north face of Aiguille du midi) with a fine crew of friends was the climax of the project. Unforgettable moment, it felt like an another world.   

A word on the shooting and the director(s) ? 

SF : Mountaineering knowledges and skiing experience are mandatory for this type of film making. 
Shooting has been a real team-work. Most of the time my friend and cameraman Alexis Blaise aka "Bouli" was shooting. But other members of PVS company worked on the shooting, I'm thinking of Antoine Frioux among others. (editors note : PVS company is a french company that produce many skiing or extreme sport videos. Well known for its skiing movies) Also, many friends came to lend a hand to carry stuff.

BACKYARDS PROJECT avant-premiere will hold in Chamonix on saturday september 24th at the cinema Vox. We give away three tickets for this film show.

Go at the bottom of the article to win some tickets for the avant-premiere

And below find all of the places and dates for the Backyards Project tour !

  • Saturday september 24th : Cinéma Vox - Chamonix (France)
  • Saturday october 1st : High Five - Annecy (France)
  • Friday october 7th : IF3 - Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)
  • Tuesday october 11th : Rip Curl Pro - Hossegor (France)
  • Thursday october 13th : IF3 - Londres (Royaume Uni)
  • Thursday october 20th : IF3 - Stocckholm (Suède)
  • Wenesday november 2sd : Powder Tour - Cracovie (Pologne)
  • Friday november 4th : Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)
  • Friday november 4th : Winter Film Festival-Bourg Saint Maurice (France)
  • Sunday november 13th : Powder Tour - Katowice (Pologne)
  • Friday november 18th : Cinéma Montagnes - Grenoble (France)
  • Monday november 21st : Powder Tour - Poznan (Pologne)
  • Tuesday november 22th : Powder Tour - zakopane (Pologne)
  • November (date to define) : Prague (République Tchèque)
  • November (date to define): Kiev (Ukraine)
  • November (date to define): Peniche (Portugal)
  • December 1st, 2sd and 3td : Paris (France)
  • Friday december 9th : Théâtre Montjoie - Saint Gervais (France)
  • Decemmber 8th, 9th and 10th : Les Cauterets (France)
  • December (date to define) : Verbier (Suisse)

 Sam in his backyard - Julbo White Session 2015 - © Jérémy Bernard


2 tickets to win for avant-premiere

Answer the following question in the comment section below :

In how many different countries with Backyards Project shown, according to the list above ?

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Alexia,le 22 September 2016
VINCEAME,le 22 September 2016
En tant que revendeur et passionné de la marque Julbo, le plaisir de gagné ces places est inestimable ! ! !
Corentin,le 22 September 2016
9 pays ! La bise à la Julbo team ;-)
captain.igloo,le 24 September 2016

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