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Solution goggles for corrective eyewear

Vision problems shouldn't stop people from practicing their favorite winter sports.

OTG goggles and optical clips allow people who wear glasses to benefit fully from the technology of Julbo technical protective eyewear while also correcting their vision.

Solution goggles for corrective eyewear

When practicing winter sports, you're often confronted with unpredictable weather conditions: extreme cold, strong winds, intense and variable lighting (especially in the first months of the year), and heavy snowfall.

At the same time you need to see correctly.


How to protect yourself from the sun while also maintaining proper vision?

Conventional solutions

Wearing sunglasses: is often impracticable for practicing winter sports: glasses don’t protect your eyes from wind, snow and cold.

Wearing contact lenses in the mountain is not really recommended, particularly for people who have problems producing tears. Dry cold wind can prevent the eye from secreting the tears needed to hydrate contact lenses.


Julbo solutions

We offer two concepts to combine winter sport goggles with visual correction.


  • Optical clips

Prescription lenses for all our Julbo goggles.

For all riders who don't wear contact lenses, we have developed an optical clip specially designed to adapt perfectly to goggles.

This new system can be fitted with an appropriate prescription by an optician. Easy to use, it's suitable for all our goggles.

  • OTG “Over The Glasses”

The goggles in the OTG line have been specially designed to accommodate glasses behind the goggle, allowing sports participants to practice their activity safely while still wearing their prescription frames.

The foam or frame is cut away so that glasses fit perfectly inside the goggle for optimal comfort and a wide range of vision.

Bang Next OTG: The perfect blend of style and technology

With Bangnext OTG, Julbo makes photochromic technology affordable for all goggle wearers. Its XL frame ensures a perfect fit for all faces. With its wide, ventilated, cylindrical high-definition screen, you can look around in total comfort. And its simple and effective style looks great both on the slopes and out and about!

Find out the product sheet

Titan OTG : Extreme comfort for goggles wearers


Goggle wearers in search of extreme comfort will love the TITAN OTG! Its XXL frame, maximised field of vision and photochromic technology make it the ideal companion for long days out on the slopes. With its fluid design suited both to wearing goggles and a helmet, the Titan OTG will be the weapon of choice for the most demanding skiers.

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Have a good skiing day!

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