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Stevie Kremer - The trailer who always smile

Meet our american female trail runner, teacher, skimountaineer... Stevie Kremer.

Stevie Kremer - The trailer who always smile
Photo by: Dave Kozlowski
Stevie Kremer is one of those people who you can't help but smile when you're around her. The energy she exuberates is contagious and spreads to whoever she's near. We caught up with the pro mountain runner, skimo extraordinaire and Julbo Team Member to see what she's up to this year and what her schedule looks like this Summer.
So, last year you left your teaching job, what are you up to now? Has the change allowed you a little more free time?
Yes, this wasn't an easy decision because I loved working at the school, especially because I love the kids so much. But, over the summer, I was working for a marketing company online and helping with the Performance side of Griggs Orthopedics, and it was fun (and challenging) trying something different. The Performance side of Griggs has grown exponentially since the Fall, as we are adding kids and adult programs throughout the entire year. It's good for me to try something different and challenge myself in new ways. Although I miss the school very much, I am enjoying what I am currently doing.
Will you be competing in the Grand Traverse again this year?
Jari and I got in! We will be skiing for Crested Butte Mountain Resort, not very fast, but it will be fun (and not easy) to get to Aspen :-) Jari and I will race from the approach of just having fun. We are hoping to wear GoPros and interview racers and aid station volunteers along the way to get some different perspectives and attitudes.
What about any other skimo races, anything else you'll be competing in?

I haven't competed in many skimo races this season because the downhill and backcountry skiing has just been too much fun :-)
What's on the agenda this season, what are your goals? Are you going to chase any of the Sky Running races in Europe or at home?

I have a few running races planned throughout the summer in Europe, which will be fun. Some are longer distances, which will definitely challenge me, but again, change it definitely good for keeps me on my toes.
Staying competitive on the international running circuit isn't easy, especially living in Crested Butte where you might not be able to run all year. How do you stay motivated and focus on training, and how has your training been going this season?

I think that's the beauty of having two completely separate sports. I love trail running when the trails are drying and skiing when snow covers them. I don't get sick or burned out on either sport because right as I'm getting the itch to switch sports, the weather changes and I am able to do just that. I also believe both trail running and ski mountaineering compliment each other very well, helping to keep in shape year-round.

Anything new for you this season?
Just longer distances. I have a 76KM race on my calendar-not sure how I feel about that, but maybe worth a try?!
Stevie's glasses of choice?

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