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Sunglasses for Trail and MTB by Sébastien Camus

GarminAdventure teammanager Sébastien Camus is now in the Reunion Island for the Grand Raid ultra-trail.

We took time to chat about glasses.

Sunglasses for Trail and MTB by Sébastien Camus

Just a few days away from « le Grand Raid » in Reunion Island, Sébastien Camus (7th  at UTMB) explains us what glasses he uses.

"For trail running, I use Aero with Zebra Light lenses. It allows me to go with only one pair of glasses since the photochromic lenses switch between category 1, almost clear, and category 3 for sunnier weather. They are light and they fit perfectly, you can adjust with the 3D nose fit as you want.”

The photochromic Zebra Light lenses makes your life much easier. You don’t have to manipulate the glasses to change the lenses, you don’t have to carry another pair with you. They adapt to all conditions whether you are running from sunny meadow to dark woods, at dawn, at noon, during overcast days…   

With the suspended lenses, that guarantees the ventilation and their 26 grams the AERO are a must-have for those who run.

The Zebra Light lenses are now available with a « Fire » color treatment. Stylish, well designed, light weight, functional what’s more to ask ?

Julbo Aero Zebra Light Fire


> Discover the Aero Zebra Light Fire

Several variations of lenses and color exist, here is a stample we shown during Roc d’Azur mid-october.



Une photo publiée par Julbo (@julboeyewear) le6 Oct. 2016 à 1h52 PDT




 There is also a smaller version for thin faces which is even lighter : the AEROLITE

Julbo Aerolite

> Discover the colors and lenses for AEROLITE


Sébastien Camus also trains a lot on mountain bike.

"For MTB I use the Race 2.0, they offer a better coverage than the AERO therefore they prevent from the mud, dust and others elements to get in your eyes. MTB riders know what I’m talking about! There are well ventilated with small opening on the sides. I sheldom run with those because they hold perfectly on the face. Then again I use Zebra Light lenses to ride in all conditions.”


Julbo Race 2.0

> Discover the Race 2.0 Zebra Light Fire

The Race 2.0 received the well-known approval! Test to read here. 

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