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The adventure in Greenland becomes a reality for ...

Christophe Dumarest, the Julbo Vertical Session production team and six shortlisted applicants met at the start of the week in Chamonix for two selection days.

The adventure in Greenland becomes a reality for ...

In March of this year, as part of the Julbo Sessions, Christophe Dumarest sent out a call to all climbing fans. The goal? To recruit an amateur climber to open a big wall route in Greenland!

They came from far and wide: the United States, England, France, Italy, Finland, Spain and Wales. Everyone had the chance to demonstrate their abilities, and occasionally their lack of experience, in the high mountains where personalities tend to reveal themselves.


With a strong northerly wind and exceptionally heavy snow for the season, conditions in the high mountains were harsh for Alan, Eszter, François, Stephan, Fatima and Antoine! A perfect goldfish bowl for testing the body and spirit of each participant.

In a cheerful atmosphere, they all proved they had endurance, especially when they had to get out shovels and dig their way along the Aiguille du Midi ridge to make any progress, and then endurance and technique to make a fixed rope ascent. They also had to demonstrate patience and even humor, putting up tents at high speed and cooking on stoves in a howling gale.

After a fun evening featuring a cheeky beer or two, the applicants and all of the team found themselves at the foot of the cracks in the "Rhododendron Pillar" in the Aosta Valley. A perfect spot for traditional climbing offering natural locations for placing protective equipment, the basic principle of crack climbing.

When the two days were over, a difficult choice had to be made between technical expertise, endearing personalities and adaptability, with everyone demonstrating different qualities.


It was the technical abilities and experience of the young French amateur Antoine Rolle that won the day. He will share the life of Christophe Dumarest for a month in Greenland this summer. 

Congratulations Antoine, welcome to the team, and we look forward to a cracking time!


Check out the shortlisted's video






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Alan G,le 26 May 2016
Congrats, Antoine! I hope that is a "totally amazing" trip! A big thanks to Christophe, Julbo, and all the participants and crew for the opportunity. Good times and safe travels!

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