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The best cross country skiers are by Julbo !

Come and meet our cross country skiing leaders !

Each of them have a singularity, find them out !

The best cross country skiers are by Julbo !

The team in Julbo headquarters for a meeting. The placement near the candies was very strategic for the team guzzler !

Baptiste Gros (Ski de fond – France)

Key member of Team Poney (we were talking about it here), very active on social media, a strong personality, the kind of athlete we like !

Baptiste came 4th in the final standings at the Sprint Cross-Country World Cup (the highest-ranked Frenchman in the sprint event) and achieved his first career victory at the Quebec World Cup last season. He has racked up four other podium finishes throughout his career, three of which were last season. And his reason for partnering up with Julbo is no doubt down to their technical products: "I really like Julbo lenses: they are versatile and can be used in any situation, from skiing down a glacier to roller skiing in the rain or at the beach. It's just what we need for our sport! "

Robin (on top) and Baptiste ! 

Robin Duvillard (Ski de fond – France)   

"What you need to know about me is that I LOVE desserts. I am teared, I have to do choices. As I tend to be excessive I choose... desserts at will from april to september (it's just a training with a weighted jacket, really) and from september to april (the winter season) no more dessert. That allows me to enjoy XC skiing by going a bit faster in uphills!"


As an active member of two bronze medal winning relay teams, in Sochi in 2014 and Falun 2015, Robin has also achieved his first poidum in world cup (seconde) last year.

"Julbo is a leading brand when it comes to Nordic skiing! " explains Robin. "When I'm skiing I need to see where I'm putting my skis without anything interrupting my vision. Thanks to the quality of their photochromic lenses, I've found just what I was looking for! What do I like about Julbo? Their photochromic lenses, the variety of models and the close relationship between the staff and athletes! "

You will be able to read les chroniques de Robin (in french) every monday on Nordic Mag. Freshness, humour, the chronicle that will set you in a good mood! 


Maurice Manificat (Ski de fond – France)

By finishing 2nd in the distance World Cup, Maurice proved himself to be one of the few skiers who was able to compete with the Scandinavians last season. He earned four World Cup victories and two medals in 2015 in Falun, Sweden, for the 15 km and the relay.  He was also one of the main architects behind the historic relay bronze medal win in Sochi. "I chose Julbo because it's a French brand that works closely with its athletes and, like these athletes, is constantly seeking to improve and develop," says Maurice. "We're on the same wavelength! "

Maurice (left), with Clément Parisse, both wearing Julbo Vermont Classic.


But there are not just frenchies in the team, meeting also Noah and Teodor.

Noah Hoffman (Cross-country skiing – USA)

Noah joined the American team in 2008. He competed at Sochi Olympic Games in 2014 (11th in the relay) and has won 2 international competitions. After a nasty injury in 2015, he returned to form last winter, confirming his statut as the best American distance cross-country skier, finishing 38th in the World Cup Classification.

"I am honored to race with Julbo glasses because I know that they will perform. This winter I will travel with a pair of Aeros, a pair of Dusts, a Sniper Shield and a pair of Cortinas for casual wear."

Noah grew up in Aspen, Colorado and now live and train in Park City, Utah. Outside of skiing I enjoy going on adventures in the mountains and the desert, he enjoys playing tennis and soccer and road tripping with friends. He started cross country skiing when he was 11, but did not get competitive until he was 14.

He dreamt about being a professional tennis player but he confesses : "I wasn't very good at it" 

Teodor Peterson (Cross-country skiing – Sweden)

In 2012, at the age of 23, Teodor Peterson took home the small crystal globe for sprint before finishing 4th the following two years. He returned from the Sochi Olympic Games with two medals: one silver, one bronze. A young bright talent that we cannot wait to see shine this season

You can't miss Teodor on the circuit, that moustache is very remarkable.

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