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Tito Tomasi - Alpine Arch

From Ljublana (SLO) to Nice (FR) after 1650 km and 85 000m of elevation gain, Tito mastered his plan to cross the Alps by MTB in solo.

Vive la vie!

Tito Tomasi - Alpine Arch


Alpine Arch on MTB & in solo.

For 21 days with an average of 80 km and 3500 meters of elevation gain per day, Tito Tomasi linked the Slovenia capital to the French Riviera. While being self sufficient and using only his legs the frenchman just finished hell of a trip. History will remember.

He left Ljubljana with a backpack and a few bicycle bag, he only stopped to eat and sleep. Like a salmon transmigration, going back to sea where it was born... (almost true, knowing that Tito grew up by the french riviera). He still took time to update his social media and wash his clothes.

Neither the bad weather in the beginning, nor the stitches on his leg nor the wild beast who stole his breakfast (we'll never know what it was...) took him down. Tito is an adventurer is its true meaning.


Tito Tomasi

Tito in Italy by the dolomites.


Tito Tomasi

Tito wandering around on his bike, doing what he does best.


Tito Tomasi

Tito walking his bike (to put it at rest?).


Tito Tomasi

"What the hell am I doing here...?"


Tito Tomasi

A singletrack waiting to be wildly ridden!


Tito Tomasi

Tired but happy in the end. A 1000 words worth picture.

(c) Greg Germain / 1001 sentiers


Tito Tomasi

This is Alpine Arch!


The Julbo sunglasses Tito took: Aero Zebra Light Red

"I wore them all the time, whether it was raining or sunny. This pair is amazing: light, functionnal, it protect the eyes and adapts to the light thanks to the reactiv photochromic lens Zebra Light Red. These thing are to be considered when riding MTB because not only sun can damage your eyes there are also the small elements flying around (dirt, rocks, branches...)."

Aero Zebra Light Red

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