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Tito Tomasi rides alpine glaciers on a MTB

Discover the story behind "Lost In Savoy". Tito have great photos and video to show you.

Tito Tomasi rides alpine glaciers on a MTB

Our playground - Lost In Savoy

Our Playground is a webserie showcasing some of the best spots for some big mountain biking. In this episode Tito Tomasi takes us for a three day adventure somewhere in Savoy, french Alps. Lost in between the passes, the glaciers and the alpine lines.


Let the rider talk :

I had the idea to ride this glacier from a long time, and I convinced my good friend Alexis A to join me in that project. We wanted to make the most of the summer in the Alps, riding the highest lines and explore more.

Tito Tomasi Julbo VTT

The forecast was looking bad, with a lot of rain and a hope for snow. We saw this as an opportunity for epic conditions ... so on the first day we just climbed in the rain to a remoted refugio, where we found snow!

The next morning was the start of our adventure, riding and hiking with our head lamp for a few hours we watched the show from the glacier when the sun showed up. The landscape was beautiful, everywhere was covered of white and the few clouds were orange and purple, the sky was full of hope for this awesome day. Above 3200 meters it was intense at the top as the ice was close and the climb pretty sketchy without crampons. We rode the glacier with the fresh powder.


Tito Tomasi Julbo

What a ride! After that we rode down the valley to reach the lake and found a very wild pass to cross the mountains and reach another valley. Looking for epic rides!

Crossing passes and another range of mountains, we were getting close to the next goal. After another night in a refugio we climbed that peak from the wrong side, it was long and rough. Three hours and a half in the night to reach the summit at 3150 meters was the price to pay to enjoy the incredible downhill! Going down into another valley the feeling of discovering new landscape was really good. This day we crossed more passes and did 3200 meters of climbing in those big mountains, we rode beautifull trails and the stoke was real!

Finally we reached the last pass for a sweet downhill to the ancient fortified city, finding the civilization again. We celebrated our adventure with the classics beers, grating, pizzas and ice creams, before heading the road back home.

The feeling of achieving a goal is always good and strong, and it wakes up more project and wishes. Let's get back to the map and plan something new ... Life is a chance - Aloha - Tito Tomasi



Tito Tomasi Julbo VTT

Tito Tomasi Julbo VTT


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