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What is best for running ?

Xavier Thevenard and Julbo give you a few hints for trail running.

What is best for running ?

Our athlete Xavier Thévenard is right now in Japan to run the UTMF (Ultra Trail Mont Fuji).

The runner from Jura mountains prepared during UTMB on the OCC race. The training was efficient, he won the 55km race in 5 hours and 28 minutes.

What are his favorite Julbo glasses to run ?

Xavier : I run a lot with the AERO glasses because they hold perfectly on your face and they are very comfortable, lightweight and stylish. I mostly use the photochromic lenses because that's what you need when you are outside from dawn till dusk. You have one lenses for all. So the AERO will come with me in Japan and I'll also take the POWELL for the moment I'm not running. 

Discover all of our Julbo glasses and lenses for trail running.

Available lenses fo each frame are many. 

Zebra light (cat 1 to 3) is perfect for those who seek a "one for all" pair of glasses because they run all the time in all weathers. 

Zebra (cat 2 to 4) for people running in sunny places and who want to have a stronger protection and being able to cope with light changes. 

Spectron (cat 3) is for those who look for the darker protection who are running is sunny conditions and also for those who seek colorful lenses. 

Julbo Zephyr  Julbo Breeze      Julbo Aero 
Julbo Zephyr adjustable temples Julbo Breeze for women who run ! Julbo Aero the lightest. 
Julbo Race 2.0 Julbo Venturi  
Julbo Race 2.0 company best seller for years Julbo Venturi the toughest    


What do you use ? Do you have any reccomendation for others runners ?

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