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What makes a good pair of sport sunglasses?

At Julbo, sport is in our DNA: because we do it ourselves and are surrounded by elite athletes, we create some of the most advanced products out there, both for occasional sportspeople and top-level pros. The designers' office is where ideas for future models take shape. So we put some questions to one of them: Clément Bonnet-Mathieu, a Julbo employee for the past 15 years, and a fan and practitioner of many different outdoor sports, both summer and winter. He reveals what makes a good pair of sport sunglasses.

What makes a good pair of sport sunglasses?

What does your work as a designer at Julbo involve?

Clément Bonnet-Mathieu: At Julbo, we have a very wide range of products, from sunglasses targeting elite athletes to occasional sportspeople. When it comes to designs for expert users, we work with our top-level athletes: once a year, work groups are set up according to the sport, and we get their feedback on the glasses they've worn throughout the year. We sit down, talk and compare our ideas with the inherent needs of their sport. The requirements of a trail runner are different from a mountain biker or kite surfer but the levels of expectation remain the same. Whether you're a champion or practice sports on an occasional basis, you'll get the most from these improvements.

For example, Martin Fourcade was actively involved in creating the Aero and Franck Cammas the Swell. Fabien Barel has made a big contribution to the development of products for mountain biking, as has Ueli Steck for the "Mountain" range.



What makes a good pair of sunglasses?

CBM: Sunglasses must be comfortable while offering good coverage and good protection from the sun. Each year, the comfort of our frames is improved thanks to feedback from our athletes, our customers and also the latest technical developments. Sunglasses that aren't comfortable won't be worn by their owner. Over and above comfort, the reason we wear sunglasses is to protect the eyes. The frame must be curved enough to cover the face and protect you from the sun's rays and all other sources of interference (dust, flies, etc.).


How do you choose the right pair of sunglasses?

CBM: A good pair of sunglasses are sunglasses that you like, feel comfortable in and meet the needs of your sport!

We offer different collections to suit the occasion:

  • The "Speed" range for endurance sports: trail running, mountain biking, climbing and Nordic skiing. These sunglasses are well vented to prevent condensation and fogging.

  • The "Mountain" range for mountaineers or people going to the desert: sunglasses with excellent coverage and removable side shields to provide lateral protection from the sun's rays.

  • The "Nautic" range designed for water sports: suitable for both top-level skippers who need a floating and curved frame to protect them from spray, and amateur sailors or anglers looking for frames that are technical and stylish in equal measure.

  • The "Travel" range: lifestyle sunglasses for roaming the world with a smart sports look.

Did you know that our sports sunglasses can also be fitted with corrective lenses?

>See our collection of prescription-friendly frames.


And to learn more about our technical lenses, check out our lens simulator.

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marliere,le 06 June 2016

Je recherche paire de lunettes pour cavalier/e susceptible de résister aux mouvements brusques des chevaux lorsque nous sommes à pied ou aux soins.
LUnettes de soleil : bonne couverture pour celles et ceux qui sont beaucoup en extérieur.

Vos lunettes sont très esthétiques, merci !
Julbo,le 29 June 2016
Merci Marliere pour votre commentaire.

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