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World best Ultra trailers are #JulboAthlete

It's with a great proud that we announce that Caroline Chaverot and Gediminas Grinius are the Ultra Trail World Tour champions.

World best Ultra trailers are #JulboAthlete


Hello Caroline, hello Geminidas ! Where are you right now ? What you doing ?

Caroline : Hi! I am at home; I just finished an indoor cycle training session and now, I am working. 

Gediminas: I’m at home. We have snow right now but it’s not to deep. I just let my kids to football match, so have time to answer your questions now.


What was your last race and what was the result ?

Caroline : Last week, I did the IAU World Championships and I finished world champion! Yihaa! 


Caroline Chaverot Julbo

Gediminas: “La Diagonale des Fous” but it wasn’t’ very successful for me because I had to stop at 146km at La Possession. First I felt very good and I just kept my strategy for being somewhere at the front and try to preserve myself and then my legs were too tired. But I’m really grateful because that’s my second time and it beats me hardly.


Is the 2016 season over for you ? What you gonna do next ?

Caroline : Yes, I am now doing a break. I go in december in Hong-Kong for the Skyrunning Asian Championships but it's more for the fun than a real goal for me. 

Gediminas: 2016 is not over for me yet. I’ve had recovery time then I’m going to start running again because I have one race left in Hong Kong and it’s pretty nice because it starts at new year’s eve and finish the first day of the new year. It’s called Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan and it’s a race about 100 (162km) miles ( I’m looking forward to it.


Let’s present you to the people who don’t know you… tell us where you from ?

Caroline : I was born in Geneva. I always loved mountains but more for climbing and skiing than for running. I only started running in 2012, after my 3rd child was born. 

Gediminas: I’m living in Lithuania. I’m doing a lot of running on flat fields. But I don’t know if it’s my strength or weakness but I’m always wondering what if I would be able to live in the mountains and what I would become a professional runner and it leads me to the next question.


Are you a full time trailer ?

Caroline : Unfortunately, I can't live from my sport and I work full time as a teatcher. But next year, I'll be able to work part time and I'll have more time to train and to spend time with my 3 kids. 

Gediminas: I’m not a full time trailer, not professional one. I’ve a normal job. I’m currently working with NATO. Trail running is a hobby for me and I’ve family so trail running can’t take 100% of my time but I try to do my best. However, I look for opportunity to become more professional runner and move to live in the mountains, but a lot depends on my courage to change my life and sponsors who could put the trust in me doing so.


Caroline, do you pupil follow your races and results ?

Caroline : Yes, since UTMB. I never speak about my sport in my school. But with social media, my pupils starts to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. It's pretty cool! 


Caroline, Does it help to keep them calm in class that you are a badass runner ?

Caroline: Not really. The must important thing to keep calm in the class is to give interesting lessons. That means a lot of work, which is not always easy for me. But I think I have a good relationship with my students.


Back to serious questions… Gediminas, Caroline, where, how do you train mostly ?

Caroline : I mostly train in a mountain, the Salève, which is situated very close to Geneva. It's steep and technical. But I like to change a lot, so I move to other places everytime I can. 

Gediminas: I do a lot of training in Lithuania on flat fields. It’s kind of boring if I want to run on hills, because I have to run it a thousand times to have a decent D+. So I try to spend time in mountains as much as I could but it’s time consuming and tiring with the flights back and forward but if you want to compete on ultra-trail world tour, it’s just unavoidable.


Tell us a bit about the 2016 season ? Best memories, worst memories ?

Caroline : This season has been a dream one! I fulfilled all my goals! So it's full of good memories. If I had to choose one, it would be the finish line of UTMB: what a great atmosphere! I'll remember it all my life! As bad memories, maybe when I was suffering so much in Champex, during UTMB.

Gediminas: 2016 is a kind of successful season for me as it was in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, I started running and I finished third in the Ultra Trail World Tour and then 2nd in 2015. In 2016, I managed to become a champion of the Ultra Trail World Tour. I’m very proud and very happy about that. And every moment I spent in the mountains was great, together with family I had precious time where I could teach my children about life and nature which really matters.

 Gediminas Grinius Julbo

Who would you like to thanks ?

Caroline : My husband, my kids, my family and friends for the support; my coach, Jean-Louis Bal; The French Team crew; and my partners, Hoka, Overstims, Julbo and Pomona. 

Gediminas: It is impossible to put all the names but there are few whom I am grateful for their unconditional support, which gave me the chance to become better human and trail runner Family : Gintare Grine, Dovydas Grinius, Danielius Grinius, Rita Griniuviene, Kestutis Grinius, Sponsors : Jerome Bernard, Kerstin Lenz, Lucie Lacroix, Carla Ryan


What glasses and lenses do you own ?

Caroline : The Venturi Zebra and Breeze Zebra light; and the Beach Spectron. I am quite addicted to sunglasses and I really don't like being in a sunny day without sunglasses.

Gediminas: I have Aero with Spectron lenses, because of their cool look and fitting.They are very light so it gives a feeling that you are running without the glasses, but still have all the benefits of their performance. I like to race and train with the same sunglasses, because you must train as you fight! For leisure, I prefer Cortina in blue and green kind of classic / retro style.


What would be you recommendation for someone looking for a pair of sunglasses ?

Caroline : I think the choice of sunglasses is very individual. But the Zebra glasses are great to cope with changes of light. If you enter in a dark forest coming from a sunny section, they'll help you to get used quite quickly to the light changes. I tried many brands and I choose Julbo because of their comfort. They are also beautiful, which is important. 

Gediminas: Try the sunglasses and you will see that these are the sunglasses you were looking for. (Nice one!)


A word about Julbo ?

Caroline : Fun, beautiful and high-tech! 

Gediminas : Julbo is company with passion, much dedicated to athletes and focused on improving their performance. I’m really grateful for Julbo because, as they’ve invested in me since the beginning. I like the products and the people, go #TeamJulbo.


From all of at #TeamJulbo we want to say Congrats Caroline, Congrats Gediminas, what you achieve is beyond words !

We'll see you soon for new adventures ! 


Caroline Chaverot Julbo

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