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Junior optics: no half-measures

Eyewear to light up their faces and their lives!

Helping everyone see the world better, and especially our youngsters, is the mission Julbo embarked on five years ago with the launch of its junior optics range. This mission has most definitely been accomplished and also won the support of the eyewear profession, with a 2009 Silmo Gold Award in the «Children’s Frame» category for Tango, a model with an impact- and fall-resistant Flex Frame concept.

Lunettes de vue pour enfants
"Hybrid" Construction
Lens coverage

Allergy-free metal front for style. Plastic temples for flexibility and comfort.


The large lenses cover all the field of vision.

Memory Plastic
Nose grip
Spoon-shaped and hole-punched temples

Strong, durable material. Remembers its original shape.

A soft insert which grips the nose and protects against impact.

Turned-up temple ends so that children can put them on easily, and punched holes to attach a cord.

"Flex frame" design
Nose pad
Adjustable temples with extra grip

Shock-absorbing and impact-resistant Hingeless. The temples stay in line with the growth of the circumference of the head and so ensure stability of the front. Hypoallergenic material.

Hypoallergenic ultra-flexible silicone
material bridge.

A soft insert on the end of the temples for better grip during active movement.

Acetate concept

Flexible, elegant, robust and comfort.