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Sunglass lenses 100% adapted to your vision

RX TREM, high-performance prescription sunglasses

With RX Trem, Julbo offers a high-tech prescription sunglasses program with sunglass lenses that are specifically cut to perfectly match the curved shape of frames and provide greater viewing comfort in all situations and from all angles, in both unifocal and progressive versions. With a wide choice of lenses in PC or NXT®, Julbo provides wearers of prescription eyewear with customized and ultra-high-performance solutions adapted to their sporting activity.

Sunglass lenses
Angle of vision
Light and tough
In-mass treatment technology

RX Trem lenses offer the widest field of distortion-free vision possible, ensuring clear vision whichever direction is looked in.

RX Trem lenses are available in NXT® and PC, light materials that are low-density (1.11 for NXT, 1.22 for PC) and ultra-tough, and particularly suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

All RX Trem lenses are treated with in-mass technology. The entire depth of the lens is colored, polarized and treated photochromically for optimum durability and resistance.

Angle of vision Light and tough In-mass treatment technology
Progressive lenses optimized for use
in movement
Immediate adaptation

The coating technology of RX Trem lenses favors dynamic vision. It guarantees the moving wearer perfect distance as well as intermediate vision and close-up vision is easily obtained.

Every RX Trem lens is designed to take account of the physiological features specific to each wearer. Incorporation of a compensating prism in the surface finish, together with the wide field of vision provided by the lens design, ensures that the wearer adapts to our equipment almost immediately. All RX Trem frames are overed by a one-month adaptation guarantee.

Progressive lenses optimized for use in movement Immediate adaptation  

A wide choice of lenses

verre haute performance
Julbo NXT® lenses are ultra-light, unbreakable and of excellent optical quality (ABBE number – 45). Every photochromic or photochromic and polarizing lens is adapted to specific activities or environments:

A wide choice of lenses

RX PC LENSES: Even more possibilities for prescription sunglasses

Since 2012, new polycarbonate lenses have been added to the RX Trem range. The Julbo prescription sunglasses offer is now almost equivalent to the plano offer. The RX Trem program includes frames suitable for all budgets with an extensive corrective range.
The RX Trem PC offer is available in 3 versions: Spectron 3 - category 3 for all activities, sports and lifestyles, Spectron 4 - maximum protection in high-glare conditions, and Polarized 3 - category 3 lens with polarizing filter

category 3

maximum protection

category 3 lens with polarizing filter