Antoine CARON
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Antoine CARON
Enduro - 28 years

Antoine Caron

The Canadian rider of the Enduro World Series

Antoine began racing as a young kid, hitting dirt jumps and entering the occasional road race, any excuse was a good excuse when it came to riding a bike. With a recent switch from cross-country racing to a focus on enduro, 2016 saw him step on the podium at various races throughout North-America, culminating with the 2016 Triple Crown Enduro Series Champion.

With Julbo

"There are a lot of things that I really like about Julbo, but the biggest thing is that this company has good, honest values, which I find extremely refreshing in the corporate world that we live in these days. They are dedicated to making damn good glasses for everyone to go out there and play, period. And I love that. For this year, I’m super excited about the new Aerospeed; this new model sort of takes some of the key features that I love from a few different models and puts them all in one, awesome-looking package."

Sunglasses and MTB googles worn by Antoine Caron

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