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Jason Lamy Chapuis

The flying man

Jason Lamy-Chappuis or "Jez" was born in the United States but grew up in the Jura in Bois-d’Amont. It was here, in the birthplace of French Nordic skiing, that he discovered the discipline of Nordic combined which would lead to him becoming Olympic champion a few years later. He's also won the Nordic combined world championships five times and has 26 world cup victories to his name. Not a bad CV!

At the end of the 2015 season, he decided to retire from sport and go back to school to train as an airline pilot. Flying is in his DNA. What's more, it's his abilities as a ski jumper that have given him such good results.

After a break of two years, and his diploma in the bag, Jason is back. His sights are set on the 2018 Winter Olympics. As a brand with strong ties to the world of Nordic skiing, and as neighbors (Bois-d’Amont is only around 10 kilometers from Julbo's head office), we've decided to join forces and back him in his quest. No question – it's the obvious thing to do.
See you in Pyeongchang! 

With Julbo

"I'm proud to be part of Julbo. I'm from the Haut-Jura and an elite athlete – a perfect match with Julbo and the company's strong ties to the Jura. Julbo invests in top-level sport, especially Nordic disciplines. We're just starting our collaboration but I've already seen that they really listen to athletes to make the very best products. It's fantastic to come to the factory, test the products and discuss ideas with the people developing them. It helps everyone and it gives us the products we want."

Prescription sunlenses

Jason Lamy-Chappuis wears corrective eyeglasses. His arrival at Julbo has allowed him to race with sport sunglasses adapted to his prescription through our RX Trem program (prescription sport sunglasses). This collaboration will be of huge benefit to wearers of corrective lenses.

Pro Team - A special series to shine at the highest level!

To support Julbo athletes in the major sporting competitions of winter 2017-2018, we've created a special series. Thanks to dynamic graphics and carefully chosen color combinations, we'll take our heroes and heroines to new heights and help their medal dreams come true. The contrasting colors of the helmet, goggles and sunglasses are symbolic of the transition from shade to light, evoking both our photochromic lens technologies and our competitors' quest for glory.

They also mean you'll easily spot Jason Lamy-Chappuis on the screen or on the course!

Sunglasses and goggles worn by Jason Lamy-Chappuis

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