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- Sunglasses lenses available in RACE 2.0 -



Old Name: REACTIV Nautic 2-3 (Octopus). Photochromic lenses (cat. 2 to 3 - visible light transmission rate: 9% - 32%), they get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions, and polarization eliminates glare on reflective surfaces. Lenses suitable for all watersports whether conditions are cloudy or bright. Internal anti-fog coating and external water-repellent coating (makes water slide over the lens and prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules, leading to improved visibility) and external oil-repellent coating (prevents marking, makes cleaning easier and facilitates water runoff).

NTS (Non Temperature Sensitive) technology: the lens gets darker or lighter regardless of the temperature.


Sun protection : Photochromic 2 <> 3

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 9% - 32%

Material : Trivex


Cat. 3 polycarbonate lens (visible light transmission rate: 11%) with polarization and flash finish. Suitable for all types of sea or mountain sport, blocking glare on the surface of snow and water.

Color : SMOKE

Sun protection : Polarizing cat. 3

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 11%

Material : Polycarbonate

- Product description -

For accomplished sailors, Julbo offers a range of high-performance nautical eyewear. A rounded and panoramic frame allows for a wide view over the horizon. Aerated lenses ensure excellent ventilation. The 3D Nose Fit and Grip Tech temples mean they'll stay in place even when the going gets rough. And with their floating cord, they'll be easy to fish out if you make a wrong move.

  • Lens Height (mm) : 43
  • Bridge Distance (mm) : 21
  • Temple Length (mm) : 127
  • Base : 8
  • Lens Size (mm) : 67
  • Age :
  • Hinges : Non
  • Weight : 30 g 30 g

Technical features

  • 3D Nose Fit : Special nose-pads are adjustable in every direction so that glasses fit every type of nose shape and ensure unbeatable hold in all conditions.
  • Cord Attachment : Allows attachment of a cord.
  • Grip Tech Temples : Exclusive soft material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, for perfect grip and comfort.
  • Side venting : Side venting of air and humidity created by the lens shape.
  • Wraparound Curved Temples : Profile guaranteeing the best grip on the face when making sudden and repeated movements.

Accessories included

This model comes with a floating cord (H42B011).

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