Fast and Light - Cat. 1

Joggers, trail runners, mountain bikers, cyclists and triathletes: the new outdoor generation continues its quest for ultimate performance, thrills and excitement, or simply pure pleasure. The Speed range features two key concepts. Pure performance: Aero and Aerolite are available in limited editions and Aerospeed adds an XXL field of vision for addicts of intense effort. Style: Renegade and Resist provide a balanced mix of technical excellence and style.

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    Performance sunglasses for sports
    Black / Green - Spectron 3
  2. RUSH
    Sunglasses for endurance sports
    Black / Red - REACTIV 1-3 Light AmplifierBlack / White - Spectron 3
  3. FURY
    Sunglasses for speed sports
    Dark Gray / Orange - REACTIV 0-3White / Blue - Spectron 3

3 Items

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