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cross country skiing - 32 years

Leader of the French biathlon team

In her early career, Marie Dorin-Habert was often in the shadow of her illustrious teammates despite a magnificent medal at the Vancouver Winter Games (bronze in the sprint). She's now returning to the limelight with several podiums to her name, following the birth of her daughter Adèle in March 2015. Good results gave her encouragement for the 2015-2016 season.
Out of the six events at the 2016 Oslo world championships, Marie Dorin-Habert came home with six medals, including three golds. She showed she has immense talent and has firmly established her authority on planet biathlon.

The results of her 2016-2017 season were mixed, but she proved she still has top-class form and we're looking forward to seeing her at the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

Subtle self-deprecation

On her Facebook page, Marie delights her fans by recounting her races, trips and training regime. Her sense of irony and her self-deprecating posts are very popular. Of course, you need to be serious if you're an elite athlete but it doesn't mean you can't laugh at your own adventures.

Pro Team - A special series to shine at the highest level!

To support Julbo athletes in the major sporting competitions of winter 2017-2018, we've created a special series. Thanks to dynamic graphics and carefully chosen color combinations, we'll take our heroes and heroines to new heights and help their medal dreams come true. The contrasting colors of the helmet, goggles and sunglasses are symbolic of the transition from shade to light, evoking both our photochromic lens technologies and our competitors' quest for glory.

They also mean you'll easily spot Marie Dorin-Habert on the screen or on the course!

Sunglasses and visor worn by Marie Dorin-Habert

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