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The incredible lightness of its In-Mold construction and photochromic Reactiv visor surprised everyone and made it a must-have. Sphere returns in connected mode with a new Bluetooth system fully integrated in the ear pad and a hidden, fingertip-adjustable microphone. Attention has been paid to every detail in this sophisticated design: remodeled and better insulated ear pads, and subtle integration of vent plates. With maximum vision, communication and style, Sphere Connect offers the ultimate in performance.

Technical features

  • Adjustable Fit : A fit that can be accurately adjusted.
  • Air flow : All our helmets are ventilated with strategically placed vents and a special mesh to wick away perspiration.
  • Anti-fog coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Dual Soft Foam : Two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption.
  • Half shell : Helmet fitted with ear pads
  • In-mold shell : Ultra-light EPS injection-molded shell covered with a layer of polycarbonate (0.3 mm thick). -The EPS shell absorbs and distributes impact, while the polycarbonate cover protects the EPS and provides scratch resistance. -Standard: EN1077.
  • Magnetic closure : The helmet strap is easily closed thanks to a magnetic clip
  • OTG compatible : Visor suitable for prescription eyewear
  • Reactiv Photochromic lens
  • Rollneck : Completely covers the nape of the neck for greater stability, warmth and comfort.
  • Ventilated lens : Additional ventilation via the lens to prevent any fogging.
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