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Alpine Climbing - 46 years

Ines Papert

Mistress of her art

Ines has won the glacier climbing world cup 4 times and opened a number of difficult routes in the Alps. 
After several seasons on the circuit, Ines left the world of competition in 2006 to concentrate on a more natural approach to mountaineering. "Living in the Alps is like a gift," she says... and Ines makes the most of it every day! She undertakes high-level technical ascents but is particularly attracted by the esthetic and artistic aspects of her disciplineShe brings back photos and videos from her expeditions that she enjoys presenting through talks and films. Her own special way of sharing the beauty of the world!

You'll be a climber, my son

Since 2000, Ines has been taking her son Emmanuel on her adventures and uses these trips to give him his first experience of climbing. 

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