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Its In-Mold shell offers superb protection against impact and wear. Advanced ergonomics combine easier size adjustment, regulated venting and removable ear pads for ultimate comfort throughout the season. The multicolored design of Gravity is the perfect fit for a new generation of riders uncompromising in their quest for freedom... and value for money.

Technical features

  • Adjustable Air Flow : Venting can be regulated to suit conditions and use.
  • Adjustable fit : A fit that can be accurately adjusted.
  • Half shell : Helmet fitted with flexible ear pads
  • In-mold shell : Ultra-light EPS injection-molded shell covered with a layer of polycarbonate (thickness: 0.3 mm). The EPS shell absorbs and distributes impact, while the polycarbonate cover protects the EPS and provides scratch resistance. Standard:. EN1077.
  • Removable ear pads : The ear pads can be removed
  • Strap attachment : Fastening at the back of the helmet to attach the goggle strap and hold it in place.
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