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- Ski goggle lenses available in ISON -


Cat. 2 polycarbonate single or double lens (visible light transmission rate: 25%) for use in mid-range light conditions and/or whiteout days. Anti-fog coating.

Clarity of vision for multidiscipline skiing in overcast weather

Color : ORANGE / Silver flash

Sun protection : Cat. 2

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 25%

Material : Polycarbonate


Cat. 1 polycarbonate double lens (visible light transmission rate: 49%). Suitable for low light conditions or protection in summer sports such as mountain biking. Anti-fog coating.

Optimized visibility for tricky conditions

Color : YELLOW

Sun protection : Cat. 1

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 49%

Material : Polycarbonate

- Product description -

All of Julbo's experience has been poured into ISON to make goggles that are great value for money. Its Minimalist Frame and wide field of vision ECHO those of top of the range models. While the graphics and intricate details make for a resolutely modern look - ISON is bound to make a splash in this price category!

  • Lens Height (mm) : 90
  • Lens Size (mm) : 165
  • Age : Adult
  • Weight : 80 g 80 g

Technical features

  • Air Flow : Venting incorporated into the frame for good air circulation to prevent formation of fogging.
  • Anti-fog Coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Minimalist Frame : Super-slim frame to give extra-wide field of vision from every angle. The skier's view is completely clear both laterally and vertically.
  • Overstrap : Offset strap for compatibility with all types of helmet.
  • Soft Foam : Single density foam
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