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- Sunglasses lenses available in LOOP -


Cat. 4 polycarbonate lens with flash finish for protecting the delicate eyes of babies. > Flash finish: improves filtration of visible light by applying a mirror effect to the lens. Blocks sunlight and increases the filter effect. > Smoked tint.

Color : 260 / 277

Sun protection : Cat. 4

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 5%


- Product description -

Loop is a worthy successor to Looping, the best-selling children's sunglasses in the world! Retaining its predecessors top features, it comes with reversible frames and hinge-free temples. But it goes even further in terms of protection and comfort with wide coverage, slim temples, a flexible frame and soft material where it comes into contact with skin. Everything to make sure kids love wearing them!

  • Lens depth : 0
  • Distance : 0
  • Temple length : 0
  • Base : 6
  • Hinges : Oui
  • Size : 0

Technical features

  • Asian Fit
  • Curved temples
  • Extra-flat elastic strap
  • Reversible frame
  • Wraparound wide shape

Accessories included

This model comes with an extra-flat elastic strap.

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