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- Ski goggle lenses available in PROTON OTG -


Cat. 3 polycarbonate lens (visible light transmission rate: 12%). Light yet offering good shock resistance, this multipurpose lens is suitable for all types of activity.

Sun protection : Cat. 3

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 12%

Material : Polycarbonate

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Photochromic lens (cat. 2 to 3, visible light transmission rate: 15% - 30%): gets darker or lighter to match changing light conditions.

Sun protection : Photochromic

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 15% - 30%

Material : TAC

- Product description -

Young glasses wearers will be delighted by the arrival of the PROTON OTG. With the comfort provided by its wide field of vision and helmet compatibility, they only need to think of one thing whatever the time of day: having fun!

Technical features

  • Air Flow : Venting incorporated into the frame for good air circulation to prevent formation of fogging.
  • Anatomic frame : Cuts on the frame for more flexibility.
  • Anti-fog coating : The inner surface of the lens has an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Cylindrical double lens
  • OTG (over the glasses) foam : Thermoformed double density foam contour adapting perfectly to prescription glasses.
  • Overstrap : Offset strap for compatibility with all types of helmet.
  • Soft Foam : Single density foam
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