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- Sunglasses lenses available in PADDLE -


Cat. 3 polycarbonate lens. Light yet offering good shock resistance, this multipurpose lens is suitable for all types of activity. > Protection category: 3. > Smoked or brown tint. > Available in RX Trem (prescription sunglasses program).

Color : 260 / No

Sun protection : Cat. 3

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 12%




Cat. 2 to 4 photochromic, polarized and water-repellent lens. Suitable for all watersports whether conditions are cloudy or bright. Eliminates glare thanks to polarization, ensuring total visual comfort even in challenging conditions.

> Cat. 2 to 4 photochromic lens. > NTS: Non Temperature Sensitive: reaction times are not temperature-dependent. > Polarized: eliminates glare on the surface of the water. > External and internal water/oil-repellent coating: water runs off the lens for easier cleaning. > Gray tint: faithful color reproduction. Suitable for prescription lenses: available in RX Trem version.

Color : 260 / 287

Sun protection : Photochromic

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 6% <> 27%

Material : NXT

- Product description -

The surf spirit is all around us: on every beach, lake shore and river meander, the new heroes of stand-up paddle are walking on water! With Paddle, Julbo has come up with the perfect mix of technical excellence and beach style. The innovative construction of the frame contains thousands of air bubbles for genuine floatability. With Grip Tech temples and a Grip Nose, these sunglasses stay in place and defy wind, waves and choppy seas with no fear of falling. Thanks to their rectangular design and Californian feel, you're sure to take them everywhere: on the water, to the beach... and way beyond.

  • Lens depth : 45
  • Distance : 18
  • Temple length : 135
  • Base : 6
  • Hinges : Non
  • Size : 57
  • Age : No
  • Masse nette en g : 26 g 26 g

Technical features

  • Nose Grip : Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge.
  • Bubble frame - floating : Innovative frame construction: thousands of tiny bubbles are built into the frame so the glasses float.
  • Cord attachment : Allows attachment of a cord.
  • Curved temples : Ergonomic profile for good grip on the face and head.
  • Floating cord : Improves frame grip and keeps them on the surface if they fall in the water.
  • Grip Tech : Exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort

Accessories included

This model comes with a floating retainer strap.

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