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5 Benefits of polarized sunglasses

For all the benefits that sunlight offers to our bodies, it can also have serious adverse effects, including on our vision and especially when amplified off snow, water and other reflective surfaces. The glare caused by these reflections prevents you from seeing properly, but there is a way to avoid it: by wearing polarized lenses.

These are five benefits offered by polarized lenses to help you decide which style is right for you.


1. Polarized lenses offer improved visual comfort and clarity.


Polarization operates on the same principle as Venetian blinds, filtering light along a single axis. In sunglasses, the pattern of polarization filters light traveling along a horizontal axis, providing the most effective protection from the surface glare off water, snow, and windshields. This helps ease eye strain during long days outside and increases visual contrast, comfort, and clarity. 

Julbo’s polarizing treatment comes in two forms: a thin chemical laminate that’s applied to the surface of the lens and a unique chemical laminate that’s sandwiched between two lens materials. 

The first form—the laminate that’s used with polycarbonate lenses (Polarized 3)—is lighter and more affordable but can become scratched off over time. 

The latter form—used in our Reactiv 2-3 Polarized, Reactiv 2-4 Polarized and Reactiv 2-3 Glare Control lenses—protects the polarizing film from scratching and, depending on the thickness of the laminate, can provide more glare protection and higher optical quality.

2. Polarized lenses are optimized for outdoor activities.

The benefits of polarized lenses make them perfect for most outdoor activities, particularly watersports and snowsports, where glare off bright and reflective surfaces is increased. The primary benefits include superior protection against the sun (by only letting light enter the eye along one access); enhanced protection from the glare off flat or horizontal surfaces (specifically water and snow); increased visual clarity in mountain and water environments; and intensification of color and improved contrast and relief.

3. The different colors of polarized lenses make them perfectly tailored to different activities. 

Lens color can factor into a polarized lens’s performance. So whether you’re looking for polarized sunglasses for your favorite outdoor activity or stylish sunglasses for everyday adventures and traveling, Julbo offers lenses for every situation. 

Our yellow/brown lens accentuates colors and highlights nuances in the landscape. This lens is ideal for outdoor activities in the mountains, including trail running, climbing and mountaineering.

Our gray lens reproduces all colors, making it ideal for reading the water, a feature particularly appreciated by sailors.

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4. Polarization and photochromic technologies work great together.

A polarized lens can also be photochromic, which means the lens will darken or lighten depending on the brightness of the ambient light. Julbo’s REACTIV lenses are non-temperature sensitive and built using Trivex, a highly durable material that offers superior optical quality. Julbo offers three polarized REACTIV lenses. Learn more about Julbo’s REACTIV lenses HERE.

  • REACTIV 2-4 Polarized: Made for the mountains and the desert. Thanks to its anti-fog treatment, this lens will stay free of condensation even during the sweatiest activities. 

  • REACTIV 2-3 Polarized: This lens’s blue color has been developed specifically for water sports and has a hydrophobic treatment that helps water slide off.

  • REACTIV 2-3 Glare Control: Ideal for daily activity. These lenses are slightly polarized and allow optimal adaptation during cloudy to very sunny weather.


Julbo also offers a non-photochromic polarized lens utilized across our mountain, lifestyle and junior categories.

  • Spectron 3 Polarized: Category 3 (non-photochromic) and developed for the Mountain, Performance, and Lifestyle range.


5. Polarized lenses are available in many frame styles.

Whether you’re looking for a high protection frame for your next alpine expedition or a more stylish pair of sunglasses for daily adventures, Julbo offers polarized lenses in various frame styles. Make sure to explore all your options before making a decision!

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