Sizing and Fit

  1. What is lens size, base, temple length, distance, lens depth?
    Those are measurements for the sunglass frame found below each item under the product description. All are in millimeters.    Lens size is the width of the lens.  Base is the curvature of the lens. 8 has the most curve, meaning it will wrap around more.  Temple length is the length of the arm from where it is ... Read more
  2. Is there a size guide?

    Yes! You can find sizes and dimensions by following the links below:





  3. What's the difference between the Shield and Shield M?

    The Shield and Shield M are versatile and lightweight multi-sport sunglasses. Designed for the mountains, but comfortable in any environment. But how do you determine which pair is right for you? Read on to learn the differences between the Shield and Shield M.