How to choose sunglasses for trail running

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Trail running is a demanding and technical discipline. While sunglasses might seem like a simple accessory or fashion statement while running, they’re actually a fundamental performance tool for hitting the trail. 

Here’s how to choose the right sunglasses for trail running.

1.) Forget You're Wearing Them

Weight should be a top priority. The lightest frames can reduce hotspots and disappear into the background, allowing you to focus on the trail ahead. The sunglasses within our Performance range weigh between 22 and 38 grams, making them some of the lightest on the market.

2.) Focus On The Frame

Pay close attention to the materials and the design of the temples and the nosepiece. Adjustable and non-split materials will be more comfortable and will stay on more securely when your face gets sweaty or when the trail becomes technical. We design our frames to be light, adaptable and technical, with thin, adjustable, non-split temples that will fit under a hat or headband and an adjustable nosepiece to provide a secure and comfortable fit.


3.) Protect Your Eyes

Beyond offering protection from the sun's rays, sunglasses help keep your eyes clear from dust, wind, cold, bugs and other things that can disturb your vision. That will help optimize your performance during a run of any length. With durable frames and high quality lenses, our trail running sunglasses provide superior protection no matter what the trail throws at you.

4.) Lenses For Any Weather

You might experience everything from bright, midday sun to overcast, rainy conditions on a trail run, which can lead to compromised visual clarity and eye strain. Ensuring clear vision and protection no matter the weather or time of day will enhance your performance on the trails. This makes selecting the right lens one of the most important but challenging aspects of purchasing sunglasses for trail running. 

With more than 130 years of development and experimentation, Julbo has created our REACTIV Photochromic lenses to adjust to changing light conditions and provide clear vision in any situation.

Julbo’s REACTIV photochromic technology is built into each lens using Trivex, which is scratch resistant and extremely durable while providing 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays and the highest optical quality. 

With the widest photochromic range and fastest reaction time on the market and an unbeatable anti-fog treatment, Julbo’s REACTIV Photochromic lenses provide clear vision in the most demanding conditions. Our REACTIV lenses are non-temperature sensitive, meaning hot or cold temperatures don’t affect reaction time, keeping vision clear any time of day or year.

With several options—from REACTIV 0-3 Clear-to-Dark to REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast—there is a REACTIV lens to suit any condition. 

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5.) Don't Let Your Sight Stop You

Julbo offers more than 30 different models and optical clips to suit most prescriptions. Both our industry-leading REACTIV and Spectron lenses are prescription compatible, allowing for the ultimate blend of style and clarity. In addition, Julbo offers a frame trial to help you choose the correct frame at home.

Explore our RX Lab to discover options for prescription eyewear.





6.) Tackle Any Trail

Start with weight and fit, then consider lens material and clarity to choose the perfect trail running sunglasses for increased performance and fun no matter the conditions. Then get out there!

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