Julbo RX Lab

Single Vision Rx program with Original Julbo Lenses

The wait is over! You can now get custom, high-performance prescription sunglasses with Julbo’s signature photochromic REACTIV & Spectron lenses built at our Rx Lab in France.  Whether you’re hiking, climbing, trail running, mountain biking or just heading into town, Julbo Rx Lab has you covered.

Cost - includes Frame, Rx Lenses & Shipping

Rx Spectron Lenses

$350 - 400

Rx REACTIV Photochromic



Please Note: Julbo USA can only fill single vision prescriptions (sorry no bifocals or progressive). Combined prescription corrections of Cylinder and Sphere measurements must be between -4.00 and +2.00. We cannot accommodate outside of those parameters. See more on our order form.


For Progressive/bifocal Julbo RX LAB sunglasses please contact one of our Julbo Rx optical partners:

Opticus: https://www.opticus.com
SportRx at https://www.sportrx.com/shopby/brand-julbo.html

Here’s how it works:  Remember – availability will depend on your exact prescription!

1)    Decide which frames & lenses you’re interested in.

2)    Fill out the form below & send it to us along with a copy your most recent prescription. We recommend your prescription be within 6 months.

3)    We’ll confirm that your prescription will work in the frames you’ve chosen or send you a list of the frame and lens combinations that we can build for you. 

4)    Our “RxTryOut” program allows you to try on the frame prior to placing your Rx order – see below.

5)    Once you make a final decision, we’ll ask for prepayment on your Credit Card.

6)    Delivery takes 4-5 weeks.

Julbo RxTryOut Program - TRY BEFORE YOU BUY

Once we’ve tested your prescription you have the option of trying up to three frames that should work for you.

  • All you pay for is the non-prescription frame price, and we cover shipping both ways.
  • If you decide that you like the frame and want to order the prescription, just send the frames back to us and we’ll proceed to the next step!
  • If you don’t like the way the frames fit, look, or feel on your face, send them back within 14 days for a full refund to your credit card account.

Click here for the Order Form



Frame choicesClick here to see available frame colors from the Rx lab


Frame colors – availability is subject to change

Specific models available for you will be dependent on your prescription

Click here to see available frame colors from the Rx lab



Lens choices & prices  - You can find full details on our lenses here

Julbo Rx Single Vision Lenses

(with “New Names”)

Price (includes frame and shipping)

REACTIV Performance 0-3


REACTIV All Around 2-3 polarized


Zebra Light Rx (REACTIV Performance 1-3) red or yellow tint


Zebra Rx (REACTIV Performance 2-4)


Cameleon Rx (REACTIV High Mountain 2-4) polarized


Octopus  (REACTIV Nautic 2-3) polarized


Spectron 3  Rx


Spectron 4 Rx  


Polarized 3 Rx – gray, brown or green tint


Zebra Light Rx Insert for Aero, Aerolite and Aerospeed (more information @ end of doc)




Important Information

US and European prescription values

When you receive your new Julbo RX LAB sunglasses there will be additional paperwork enclosed in your package. Please do not be alarmed when you see the prescription values submitted by the lab. It will be different than what’s on your actual prescription. There are two ways to read and translate the same prescription. We handle it one way in the US, in Europe it’s expressed in another way — but they are the same prescription.


Julbo RXLAB Prescription Adaptation


In some cases, it takes time for your eyes to adapt and adjust to new lenses especially if you have a new prescription.  The good news is most people get acclimated within 24-48 hours.


We strongly recommend wearing your Julbo RX LAB sunglasses for at least two weeks.  If after one month you are experiencing any of the following symptoms (blurry vision, headaches, nausea, a sense of dizziness or a lack of balance) as a direct result of wearing our JulboRx sunglasses please contact Julbo USA Customer Service at 800-651-0833 or e-mail info@julbousa.com.  We stand by our products and if you are not completely satisfied with your JulboRX prescription sunglasses you can return them for a full refund within two months.


Julbo RXLAB Prescription Warranty


Julbo RXLAB prescription eyewear has a limited two-year warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defect regarding our special lens coatings, lens treatments or frame breakage due to material or defective workmanship. 


All Julbo RXLAB prescription frame and lens warranty claims must be handled directly through your original dealer. If you purchased them from Julbo USA, please contact Customer Service at 800-651-0833 or e-mail info@julbousa.com. We stand by our products and if you are not completely satisfied, we will work with you to determine the best solution.


Please Note:  The Julbo RX LAB warranty does not cover scratched lenses or prescriptions filled by anyone other than the Julbo RX LAB optical lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will build my Julbo RXLAB sunglasses

Your sunglasses will be built by our highly trained technicians at our state of the art facility in France. We know our products better than anyone & build thousands of Rx sunglasses every year


How do I repair my Julbo RXLAB sunglasses?

This depends on the nature of the repair. If your frame is broken or damaged, we will do our best to help you fix it within the terms of our Prescription Warranty. Spare frame parts (this does not include Julbo RX LAB lenses) will be available at no cost for up to 5 years. Please contact Customer Service at 800-651-0833 or e-mail info@julbousa.com to discuss your specific repair.


Will Insurance cover my Julbo RXLAB purchase?

Julbo is not a provider for any insurance plans at this time. You will have to pay for them upon checkout. We suggest you discuss Julbo RX LAB with your insurance carrier in advance. Once you enter your data in our “tester” we'll send you a Julbo RX LAB Order Update via e-mail confirming that your prescription will work with our frames and lenses. Your carrier should find this information useful. If they need more information they can call us at 800-651-0833.


I own a pair of the Julbo sunglasses and I'm curious if I can purchase a set of just the Julbo RXLAB prescription lenses separately for my frame?


Unfortunately, this is not something that we can do. Our Julbo RX LAB sunglasses are made in a specialized optical lab at Julbo France. The prescription lenses are custom made to fit each individual frame. A big part of the process is to properly fit the Rx lenses into the frame. The lab has a very precise method and process for creating Rx sunglasses from start to finish.



How does the field of vision on the Rx Insert compare to the Julbo Optical Clip


The Julbo RX LAB Insert is currently available for the Aero, Aerolite and Aerospeed Frames. These frames are a substantial curve (Base 8) and will not take a standard Rx lens.


The Julbo RX LAB Insert has a slightly smaller field of vision than our Optical Clip but is easier to clean, completely stable, and lighter weight.

 Julbo RX Clip


RXLAB Insert and Julbo Optical Clip Comparison