Sam Anthamatten Reviews Snow Goggles and REACTIV lenses
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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Sam Anthamatten Reviews Snow Goggles and REACTIV lenses

Having grown up in Zermatt, Switzerland, Sam Anthamtten is no stranger to big mountain skiing. As an avid freerider, ski mountain guide, mountain biker, and paraglider, Sam is always searching for that next adrenaline rush. Sam has been with Julbo for 15 years and has helped us develop the world's best snow goggles. We caught up with Sam to review the technical aspects of his favorite goggles and REACTIV lenses and breakdown the conditions he uses them in. 

Sam Anthamatten @Ruedi_Fluck

What Goggles do you use? 

I use the Aerospace with the SuperFlow Ventilation System a lot, they are definitely my favorite but the Cyrius also has a great fit and ventilation, so I swap between both. 

In Pakistan, I took the Aerospace and Cyrius with me and used them both depending on the conditions. 

In what conditions do you use the REACTIV lenses?

I use the REACTIV High Contrast 1-3 lenses in the beginning of the season, from December to January. In Zermatt, you typically ski on shorter and colder days where there is more shade and less light, so you have a harder time seeing details in the terrain. I usually ski under trees where the visibility changes quickly and tends to be shadier, which is why I need lenses that adapt to changing brightness. There are also a lot of days with snowfall and low light.  I ride with the REACTIV High Contrast 1-3 lens because they highlight the terrain, which is crucial, because little mistakes have huge consequences if you don’t have clear visibility. 

At the end of the season - when I go to Pakistan - you need lenses with more protection from the sun, but are also capable of adjusting to shade at lower latitudes where mountains can block the sun at different points during the day. At 5000m, the sun is much stronger, which is why you need a higher protection, like the REACTIV Polarized 2-4 lens. Learn more about REACTIV Lenses. 

What Goggles do you use when you go touring and ski mountaineering? 

For Touring, I chose the Aerospace because of its ventilation system. I keep switching the lenses between open and closed for ascents and descents. When you are touring, you can sometimes have wind hitting you from the side, so I open only one side of the SuperFlow Ventilation System and keep the other side closed for protection from the wind. For shorter tours or ski resorts, it is the perfect tool as you can just pull the lens out, clip it back in, and go. I often see my friends looking in their [backpacks] to switch between glasses and goggles. There is no need for that with Aerospace. It’s the best thing to have on you. You just pop it open and go!


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