Top 5 REACTIV Photochromic Snow Goggle Lenses
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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Top 5 REACTIV Photochromic Snow Goggle Lenses

Reactiv snow goggles

Photochromic Ski and snow goggle lenses save you the convenience of having to pick the right lens before getting on the chair lift or the frustration of trying to change a lens when your fingers are frozen. With REACTIV photochromic lenses, you can focus on skiing and let the lens adjust to changing light conditions, providing clear visibility all day.

Photochromic vs Traditional Two-Lens Goggles

Compared to traditional snow goggle lenses, Reactiv Photochromic lenses provide better performance by being versatile in a variety of light conditions. By automatically adapting to changing light, REACTIV photochromic lenses are easier to use and provide more value than traditional two-lens goggles. They are also safer! REACTIV lenses provide clear visibility in dark and light conditions when you need it, and without having to switch lenses, making it easier to avoid dangerous terrain.

About Julbo's industry leading REACTIV Photochromic Lens Technology

  • Julbo's REACTIV photochromic lenses have the widest photochromic range in industry and fastest transition time
  • REACTIV lenses are non-temperature sensitive, meaning they will transition in the coldest and hottest weather
  • REACTIV lenses are made from Trivex, an extremely durable and scratch resistant material that provides premium optics
  • REACTIV photochromic technology is baked into the lens, so it never wears off
  • Every Julbo lens is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • REACTIV lenses provide the best protection and block out 100% of UV A, B, and C.
  • REACTIV lenses come with an Anti-fog coating

Top 5 REACTIV Photochromic Lenses



REACTIV Performance 1-3 High Contrast (HC) Photochromic Lens

The REACTIV Performance 1-3 High Contrast Lens is a goggle-quiver-killer and is the ideal lens for Skiers and snowboarders who are looking for the "Do-it-all" lens. With the widest visible light transmission (VLT) range in the line-up, this lens is perfectly suited for those blower days when you can't see past your Ski tips and is equally ready for bright blue-bird days.

The Performance 1-3 High Contrast lens has a fast transition time making it ideal for skiers and snowboarders riding in the open, where sun reflects off the snow, and in the woods, where shade provides less light.

The Performance 1-3 High Contrast lens provides perfect definition of terrain making it easy to see ice and variable terrain, in both bright and dark settings.

For the skier and snowboarder who is looking to buy one goggle with one lens, the Performance 1-3 High Contrast is a great choice.



REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier (LA) Photochromic Lens

Similar to the 1-3 High Contrast lens, the REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier photochromic lens is ideal for skiers and snowboarders who are looking for a one-all-be-all type of lens. The REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier is suitable for skiing in both shade and full sunlight.
As the name suggests, the REACTIV 1-3 LA will help amplify light in the shade so it is a great option for those who are regularly riding in the woods with ample shade.
If skiing glades top to bottom without skipping a beat is your thing, then the REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier is the perfect snow goggles lens for you.
REACTIV 2-3 Glare Control

REACTIV 2-3 Glare Control Photochromic Lens (Previously All Around)

The REACTIV Glare Control 2-3 Lens is ideal for skiers and snowboarders looking for a highly optimized lens for partly sunny to sunny conditions. The Glare Control 2-3 lens provides visual comfort and improved visibility of terrain.

Julbo's glare control technology is semi-polarized, meaning it is only 55% polarized. The benefit to being semi-polarized is that most sunlight glare, but not all, is filtered allowing you to clearly see ice patches and dangerous situations. Glare Control also allows you to see your cell phone screen without it being distorted, so no selfies will be obstructed.

In foggy weather, the Glare Control 2-3 lens diffuses light in clouds for accurate vision. Red tint accentuates contrast making it easier to read terrain so you can focus on skiing the best line in all weather conditions.


REACTIV 2-4 polarized

REACTIV 2-4  Polarized Photochromic Lens (Previously High Mountain)

The REACTIV Polarized 2-4 lens is ideal for Skiers and snowboarders riding in exposed mountains with intense light. The REACTIV polarized 2-4 lens is our most polarized ski goggle lens and provides outstanding light protection by blocking out the majority of glare from direct sunlight and sunlight reflecting off of snow and ice.

The Polarized 2-4 lens also increases contrast by intensifying colors while still filtering glare. As a result, skiers and snowboarders will be able to see variable terrain while protecting your eyes from intense UV rays.

The REACTIV Polarized 2-4 lens is ideal for skiers and snowboarders charging in the high mountains. If dropping in above the tree-line is your thing, then the Polarized 2-4 lens is the ideal ski and snow goggle lens for you.


REACTIV 2-4 Photochromic Lens

The REACTIV 2-4 photochromic lens is ideal for skiers and snowboarders riding in sunnier to extreme sun conditions. The REACTIV 2-4 Lens has extremely fast activation and has a slightly wider VLT range than the polarized lens.


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