Pro Purchase Program

julbo pro deal program


This pro purchase program is for qualified professional users, retail store employees and outdoor industry professionals. Julbo's pro program allows professionals and ambassadors to the brand to have access to discounted and exclusive deals. Professionals must apply to the program and applicants are not guaranteed access and access can be revoked at any time. Accepted applicants must reapply annually.


In order to apply:

  1. Reside in United States, AND
  2. Use our equipment as part of your primary employment (ie. ski patroller or mountain guide) OR
  3. Work in the Snowsports or Outdoor industries, OR
  4. Work in a retail shop that is an authorized Julbo retailer

To apply follow the steps bellow:

First, you must create an account on
Please e-mail the following to asses your credentials
A copy of your pay stub, OR
A copy of your business card, AND
Place of Employment:
Employment address:
Employment phone number:
Employment role:
Employment supervisor:
Employment supervisor contact (phone or email):

Once approved, you will receive an e-mail from Julbo confirming your accecptance to the program. Pro deal status may be renewed each year via your account.

Please note:

  • Pro Membership is a privilege and should be respected and used with discretion. 
  • Renewal - Memberships reviewed/renewed annually based on your current work status.
  • Respect Retailers - Please respect the time and in-store inventory of Julbo retailers.  We at Julbo are more than happy to talk to you about your equipment needs.
  • Please use discretion regarding your Julbo Pro status.
  • Personal Use Only - Pro & EP orders are not for family, friends, ski partners, or resale.
  • Abuse of the Julbo pro program will lead to you and your organization being removed from the Julbo pro program. Pro status is at Julbo’s sole discretion.
  • All Pro Purchases are final. No returns.
  • Pro Purchase items will not be placed on back order.

Questions? Shoot us an e-mail: