Quickshift MTB Goggle

Introducing the Quickshift MTB, the new benchmark for MTB goggle ventilation. 

Most people these days know that wearing goggles when racing enduro is a good idea to keep air, dirt, debris, and anything that could go into your eyes, out of your eyes. If you don't, now you do. But enduro season also happens to coincide with the hottest and most humid times of the year, which makes sprinting through a difficult stage of your race a prime environment for fogged goggles. Then you can't see, so you just take the goggles off. Keep your goggles on and fog free with the Quickshift MTB goggle  - the newest, most innovative goggle that prioritizes ventilation above all, without compromising function, fit, or protection.  

With the SwitchAir System, anti-fog lenses, and a super wide cylindrical frame, the Quickshift gives you the ability to dictate the amount of airflow you want at any moment of your ride. 

Quickshift MTB Goggle

SwitchAir System: the most efficient system to mitigate fogging while moutain biking. 

The SwitchAir System redefines ventilation with dropouts on the bottom of the frame. Why is this important? The dropouts in the SwitchAir System allow you to adjust the amount of airflow on your face and eyes by simply removing them. Ideal for difficult stages when the pressure is on and the heat is high. 

Other features: 

  • Extra wide, cylindrical lens. 
  • Anti-fog lens treatment. 
  • Interchangeable lenses, available in clear and low light. 
  • Compatible with all helmets, including full face. 
  • Silicone-lined adjustable strap. 

SwitchAir System in Quickshift MTB Goggle

Amy Morrison 2019 US Enduro Champ

"I really enjoy wearing these goggles. They fit really well with the full face helmet. There was no pushing on the nose and they felt lightweight and "airy" on the face. They also look great on!"

- Amy Morrison, 2019 US Enduro National Champion

~Coming Spring 2020~